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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Who Says TV isn't Educational?

I was videotaping in an elementary school classroom yesterday. Fourth Grade. Knowing kids love to mug up to the camera, I thought I'd lay down a few rules... "Does anyone know what my most important rule is?" Several hands went up. I called on a girl: "No screaming?" she queried. "Well, that's a good rule, but it's not the one I'm looking for."

Another hand went up. I called on a 10-year old boy. "Don't look into the camera," he answered confidently. "That's right! You get a prize!"

After we finished, the boy approached me and asked if he could tell me how he knew not to look into the camera. I was actually dying to know.

"It was on Nickelodeon. Timmy Turner from Fairly Odd Parents said "Don't look at the camera! Just focus!"

Who says TV isn't educational?


Friday, January 27, 2006

Maybe It Was Frank All Along

Years ago, I shot a commercial for a dairy. It was shot in an idyllic location at a quiet farm located miles from anywhere. I chose the location because it was pretty, it was quiet, and it was the perfect place to stand an actor in front of a camera to extol the virtues of this dairy.

I hired an actor named Frank. He's got one of those fantastic bass voices and a friendly face, and, when in jeans and flannel, looks like the perfect farmer.

On the day of the shoot, Frank told us a story that I've never forgotten - one that I often tell students as a cautionary tale for production.

Frank was hired to play a heart attack victim for a medical training video. The scenario: A man (played by Frank) comes into the hospital complaining of chest pain. The nurses usher him into a wheel chair. While en route to the exam room, the man has a heart attack. Properly enacting the symptoms, Frank grabs his heart and his back and lets out a yelp. The nurses then, acting in accordance with hospital regulations, move him to the backboard and begin emergency care.

The camera rolls. Frank performs his task. A doctor, not knowing about the shoot scheduled that day, turns a corner. He can't see the camera, but he CAN see Frank having a heart attack. He runs up to him, straddles Frank's lap and starts beating on his chest (to hell with the backboard!). Frank emerged from the shoot a little bruised. The doctor was furious and embarassed... And the lesson is - always alert the facility that you're videotaping, what you're videotaping, and when you'll be videotaping.

Fast forward to my dairy shoot at my quiet country farm. As soon as it was time for Frank's standup, a barn a mile away - and directly in the background of my perfect, idyillic shot - catches fire. The smoke pillar is evident. We alter the shot to something not as perfect, but fine. Then, all the traffic is rerouted AROUND the burning barn - right in front of my quiet barn. It was pandemonium... I continue to tell students that story as a cautionary tale with this lesson: You've never seen everything. Be prepared to think on your feet."

I hadn't worked with Frank again until today. He was scheduled to do another shoot with Jenny, another producer in my office. Jenny's shoot was set at a scrap yard. She brought her dog, Eddie Munster, along to play the junk yard dog role. Apparently at some point during the shoot, Eddie got nervous and actually threw up all over Frank's boot.

Later, as Frank and I were reminiscing about my dairy shoot, and he about his medical shoot, we laughed about the puky dog... "Maybe it's just you, Frank. Maybe it's not arsons, irate doctors, or sick puppies... Maybe it's a magnetic field in your body that keeps producers on their toes!"


Burger Zing

Occasionally, I try to make my 'unmarried-till-buried' friend, Jeremy, feel better by explaining things that might make him less upset about being unattached. Truth be told, he's probably looking for someone so perfect they don't exist, but I feel badly for him nonetheless. I saw him today, and was thrilled to give him another installment in the continuing saga of Kelly and Dave. (BTW, Dave gave me permission to tell y'all about this).

Dave and I were on our way to band practice last night. I hadn't eaten, and asked him to stop at a Burger King on the way. He pulled up to the drive in. as he lowered the window down, he looked at me in a panic. "You talk, honey." I asked him if he wanted anything. "Um, no."

"You sure?"

"Oh. Ok. Um. I'll take a burger."

The little metal speaker asked if it could help me - so I asked it to get me two Whopper value meals. Dave turns to me and whispers "I don't want that!" Why he didn't correct the order by speaking directly to the little metal speaker, I'll never know. He then drove to the pay window. "Scott'll eat the burger."

"But you just said you wanted a burger, David..."

"I didn't want that burger. I wanted a little burger."

"You don't have to eat the whole thing."

"Scott can have the burger."


As Dave drove to Scott's, I ate half of my Whopper. I wrapped the other half because I was full. I stuffed it back in the bag. Dave parked the car on Scott's street. He looked at me and said, "You didn't even give me a bite!"

That was all I could take. I reached into the bag and handed him the wrapped half Whopper. I said, "Ok. First you want the burger, then you don't want the burger because it was the wrong burger. Then you wanted to give the burger to Scott - and now you're upset that I didn't offer you a bite of the burger you told me you didn't like... Stop confusing me!"

He took the half burger and asked, "Can Scott have the other burger?" "Yes," I replied, "Scott can haved the other burger."

Dave swallowed a bite of the burger he initially didn't want. "This hits the spot, Kelly..." I gave him that look. I can't describe - but you know the look I'm talking about... kind of a 'deer-in-headlights-meets-the-all-work/no-play-jack-the-dull-boy' look.

Meanwhile, I present Scott with the remaining uneaten burger. Scott pipes up, "Kelly, I can't eat your burger!"

(Apparently, no one can.)

I looked at Scott and said, "Sure you can." He asks if I want half. I assure him I do not.

He walks towards his refrigerator. He wasn't hungry. He'd already eaten dinner, but Scott is not the sort who looks a gift cow in the mouth. "Is it okay if I save it for later?" he asks. "Totally okay with me," I replied.

Today, he e-mails me after lunch to thank me for the Whopper. "Don't mention it," I replied.

I really meant it, too.

So, for Jeremy and all of you Jeremy's out there - This was just one of those ridiculous nights that happened because Dave probably didn't want a burger in the first place, but said okay because I was offering and then the whole burger zing just got out of hand... Tonight, I asked Dave if he actually wanted the burger in the first place. (I have this feeling that I often talk Dave into doing things he doesn't want to do) "Well, no, but the little one sounded good."

"Oh," I said, "Well, why didn't you tell the little metal box what you really wanted?"

"Well," answered Dave, "It was kind of an authority figure. It was a done deal..."

I just laughed. Honestly, after I finish writing this post, I'll never ever mention Burger King again.... Although I will store it up as material for my book!


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Winter Break

I spent less than 24 hours in Florida earlier this week... I wasn't looking forward to it - as I had a lot to do, very little time to do it, was travelling with a person who liked chain restaurants (I like local places when I travel.), and knew I wasn't going to be able to look at the ocean.

In reality, I did see the Atlantic - but only from an airplane. Here are a few photos of orange picking (This morning, I had a grapefruit that I personally picked for breakfast - which is cool), the ant colony I stepped on (see below for details), and some crazy old houses. I also met Sally Chapman, who's grandfather was George Putnam, the publisher. Years ago, he fell in love and eventually married Amelia Airhart. (Sally Putnam Chapman wrote a book about it called Whistled Like A Bird, available at

Sorry for the short post - I'm just swamped... But I hope you northerners enjoy sharing my little bit of Florida Sunshine with me.

BTW - I've spared you the photo of my swollen, polka-dotted, ant-bitten ankle. You don't even have to thank me! I don't even want to look at it... Just know it looks worse than it feels (the actual attack wasn't horrible either. I was just reminded of how sticky ants are - and how difficult it was to wipe them off my leg... and then how difficult it was to further get them off my wrist... Don't you feel sorry for me?!!

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Friday, January 20, 2006

"Art" Ridiculously Imitating Life

Someone tipped me off to this little E-bay item yesterday. To think - that for 4$, I could own a potato chip that's shaped like a vagina! Just for fun, I typed "that looks like" into the search bar on E-bay. It gave me funny entries that read "Nick Nack that looks like Flower Basket," "Potato that looks like Eskimo Statue" (buy or I'll turn this into French Fries!), and my favorite, "Tomatoe (not Kell's spelling) that looks like Butt!"


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Unnecessary Confessions

I've noticed that lot of people (even those I don't know) have told me a lot of things I didn't ask to hear - and in many cases, really didn't want/need to know. It seems to be an ongoing issue I face.

I'm a fairly quiet girl - and despite my unwillingness to blab my deepest and darkest, people feel free to share with me.

Here's just a sampling:

A friend just confided to me that for fun, he once willfully gave a cigarette imbedded with a rolled-up firecracker to a kid he didn't like.
Kell's response: Wide eyes.
"It's okay. He was an ass!"
Kell's response: More wide eyes. I may have even shaken my head a little.

Another friend told me about his girlfriend's interest in nudist colonies, after explaining they were contemplating the "M" word and might enjoy getting married on the beach naked.
Kell's response: Blank stare. Sarcastic grin. Real mental effort to erase the image from my brain.

To tease a co-worker, a friend of mine enjoys rubbing her body (fully clothed) on his keyboard.
Kell's response: "Um, I think you can get arrested for that."

A kid once confided to me that he liked to go bowling and sneak out without paying.
Kell's response: Men of integrity pay for their bowling!

Years ago, I realized I might be a confession magnet when a stranger sat next to me at a coffee shop (I had a coffee and a brownie) and explained, "Honey. You oughta watch the sugar in your diet. Sugar is the leading cause of yeast infections in women. Let me tell you from experience what yeast infections can do to your sex life!"
Kell's response: I can't remember what I said - but had to say something before I learned what yeast infections did to her sex life. Meanwhile, the barista is behind the woman, pointing at me and laughing.

What really gets me is that Frank Warren is making a fortune with his website, book, and museum shows, where people send their deep dark secrets on postcards.

Why didn't I think of it first? Honestly, I didn't think anyone would believe me.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Anne & Don, Part Trois

At last, a photo of Anne and Don together. We thought they looked kind of cute. We got together to watch last weekend's Washington/Seattle game. Don is from DC; Anne is from Seattle... Is it any wonder why they weren't sitting any closer to each other? Don is still upset his dear Redskins didn't put up enough of a fight. That evening, after Don was done "cheering," (Don is a loud fan), He asked Anne not to gloat. Anne quietly asked Don to show the same deference as she did at the beginning of the game when Washington scored. Don't they sound like the perfect match?!!

Here are the girls - looking much cozier.

Here's Dave - And my not-so-new glasses.


Monday, January 16, 2006

What To Do In Malaysia When It's 85-Degrees

Here's a photo I got from Sir Francis, about how he spent his weekend. In sunny weather... Not too bad, eh? Me? I bought a new coat because it's absolutely freezing here here in cloudless, windy PA.


The Question that Ended the Sing-Off

Overheard as I sat in the row between the Vancouver Canucks fans and the Jersey Devils fans at Friday night's hockey extravaganza. There must be a contingency of Western Canadians in New Jersey, because about 25 or 30 of the loudest, clad in vintage jerseys made up the vocal minority. Also to be noted, it's likely a quarter of the Meadowlands arena was empty.

Everyone was singing - then all of the sudden - they decided to sing to each other:

Devils Fans (DF): Let's go, Devils (bamp, bamp, bambambam)
Canucks Fans (CF) Durring the (bamp, bamp, bambambam part): Let's go Canucks!
DF: Let's go Devils!
CF: Let's go Canucks!
DF: Where's Your Stanley Cup?
CF: Let's go Canucks!
DF: Where's Your Stanley Cup?
CF: 1915!
DF: Where's Your Stanley Cup?
CF: Where're your fans?!!
(bamp, bamp, bambambam)
CF: Where're your fans?!!
(bamp, bamp, bambambam)
Then silence. Poor Devils.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

What Happens when Nothing Happens

Ok. It’s January. I’m busy at work – the band isn’t all that busy (Fran is in Kuala Lampur, working, eating, and doing crunches), and at best, the most I’ve done at home is deal with the mouse running around in my kitchen (He’s unfortunately not running around any more. I don’t advocate killing animals – But I DO advocate mice staying out of my kitchen. I know PETA is coming after me in their leather high tops with rubber soles from plants in the rainforest… And I’m sorry. But mice do not belong in my kitchen, so the poor little rodent soul had to go.)

So I’ll tell you what I’m reading and watching – and a funny thing a 6-year old said to me last night.

Reading: Walking The Bible. Bruce Feiler is taking me on his journey to understand the sites visited in the first five books of the Bible (and come to terms with all things spiritual). Currently, I’m visiting Shechem with Abraham, (so my secretary will have to forward all my calls!)

I wasn’t sure I was going to like this book, but I find myself pouring over ancient and modern maps while reading. This book will take some time to get through.

Watching: Just sent Layer Cake back to Netflix. The movie required my full attention – and the subtitles. It’s full of characters with really thick accents. The film was about a drug trafficker wanting to “retire.” He unfortunately got caught in a complicated web of intrigue and a surprise ending. The moral, of course, is be smarter than the film’s hero (Daniel Craig) by finding some other way to make loads and loads of money, do your own accounting, and keep your nose clean.

On its way from Netflix: Rivers and Tides Andy Goldsworthy documentary. If you haven’t seen Andy’s work, he creates temporal art using only what he finds in nature. He must be a tremendously patient and thoughtful artist, although perhaps not the world's most brilliant conversationalist. However, if we pair him up with GABE, he'd probably prove lovely company. Read on:

What Gabe said: Gabe is an articulate 6-year old. His Dad, Aunt, and sister came to visit me last night. Before we went for dinner, Gabe wanted to know if I had any clay (I’m not sure what brought this on – but that’s what he wanted). It just so happens that one of my clients makes, among other craft items, modeling compound. And of course, I had some. However, what Gabe asked was, “Do you have any Clay Nation?” His aunt clarified, “Claymation. He calls the whole thing claynation.” It was good to know, I was about to go dig up my old VHS copies of Wallace & Gromit. After dinner, we claynationed elephants, flowers, and coffee pads (coasters). It was fun. We also watched HR Pufinstuf - because even Gabe's dad wasn't old enough to remember 70's kids' TV. I think everyone should be subjected to Witchiepoo at some point in their lives.

(Jane & Cara, you will just *LOVE* Gabe the next time you come to visit me!!!)

What I’m supposed to be finding THREE HOURS to do: Go see King Kong. That’s a big commitment, isn’t it?

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Monday, January 09, 2006

The Saga Continues...

Just FYI, for those of you who are pondering, “What happened to Anne and Don?” For those of you who have no clue of what I’m talking about, I’ll fill you in. My friend, Naomi, and I were playing cupid. Anne and Don showed up (separately) at one of my parties. Naomi and I thought they had a nice chemistry, so we all decided to have dinner together.

Anne sent me a note today, saying she really likes Don – and had a nice time going out with him this past weekend. They had dinner on Friday, and then… on Sunday night, watched Football together…. On the phone.

I then immediately sent an e-mail to Dave (since I’m a busybody, I see no reason Dave shouldn’t benefit. It gives us another reason to postpone discussing the latest Plague/Ice Age warnings Dave always watches on the History Channel) (I’ve pondered aloud to Dave that he can probably turn on the History Channel at any unscheduled time, start counting seconds – and rest assured, get some unsettling or depressing factoid before he reaches second number 10.) – and said he’d like Don even more if he watched football with him on the phone.

Isn’t that cute? Ok, I'll be honest - I'm not sure if it's cute or not - but it's what happened. And I'm happy those two kids are havin' a good time.


Sunday, January 08, 2006


Last night's Sean Kennedy benefit was a great deal of fun to be a part of. My neice, Kylene, organized it, after learning her friend's 7-year old son has lymphoma. I'm very proud of her. It was a great undertaking. She organized a bake sale, full lineup of entertainment, made and sold t-shirts,
gave radio/newspaper interviews, and collected donations from the community. She said about 85 people showed up (less than she hoped), yet she made more money than she hoped - and raised about $2400 for this sweet little boy. (That should relieve the family to no end - as their insurance only covers about 80% of his $2500/MONTH medicine bills). Way to go, Kylene!

Sean's white blood cell count was high enough for him and his family to attend the show... So we invited him to join us on stage... He joined us in a song we taught (See 18 Wheels... below) - then surprised us by leading the crowd in singing I'm Proud To Be An American. He and his brother remained onstage and hummed along as I sang Dylan's Forever Young... It was more than cute.

I'm happy to report that Sean's prognosis is very good - it's just a long road to recovery for this fearless little guy.

After the benefit, Dave and I joined my parents, my brother and neice at a restaurant. Kylene was thrilled that she raised the $ she did. It must be nice to provide some relief for Sean's family. My brother, where equally thrilled to help, was exhausted. He had one thing to ask of his daughter, "Now that the holidays are over, and the benefit is over, can we please, please, please relax a little?" My neice looked at him and answered, "Sure, Dad... Unless something else tragic happens... Someone else may need our help."

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Friday, January 06, 2006

18 Wheels on The Big Rig

This weekend, Dave and I are playing a benefit concert that my 15-year old niece organized.

My brother is going crazy. He has always been a rather civic-minded man. He’s a Cub Scout Leader (and a pretty good one. He speaks to them man to men: “Now, I’m very proud of you for the great job you did at the lip-synch, but am not proud of you for the way you treated so-and-so. He deserves more respect, and I will not tolerate anything less.”), and all that… And I think he’s really getting into supporting something nice that my niece is doing…

The beneficiary is a 1st grader named Shawn. He has lymphoma (not leukemia, as the silly local paper reported – which angered my brother to no end), and is in pretty serious condition. Last night, my brother called to work out last minute details:

“Kelly, Shawn’s doctor said his white blood cell count is high enough so that he can come out to the benefit for awhile. I told him to come during your set – because I figured you’d make a big deal about him.” I asked if he’d sing a song with us. “Ask him,” replied my brother.

Later that night, while practicing (Dave and I have never performed as a duet before, so I'm practicing like crazy), Dave asked if kids would be there… I told him that unless his health-state changes, Shawn himself would be there on stage with us. Dave requested (who’dve’thunk?) that we sing 18 Wheels on the Big Rig, which is a song that amuses both him and my father. It goes like this:

There are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 wheels on the big riiiiiiiiig…. (repeat 3X)
And they’re rolling, rolling, rolling. They’re rolling, rolling, rolling.

The idea is to get kids to sing along, then throw them the following ridiculous curves.

“Ok, let’s do it backwards!” (At this point, Dave turns his back to the audience, and I scold him, a la Captain & Tenille, for those of you who remember their goofy little variety show) I sing, “There are 18, 17, 16,…" while Dave wags his butt to the beat.

Then we do it in Spanish: "Uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco....diez y ocho wheels on the big riiiiiig..."

Then comes the part that Dave loves - I think just because it amuses him to watch me do it. I sing it in Roman Numerals. “There are I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII wheels on the big riiiiiiig…..

And they’re rolling, rolling, rolling. They’re rolling, rolling rolling.

The thing is – the audience will be so phenomenally impressed with the Roman Numerals, but truth? I's, V's, and X's are so much easier to sing than the lightning fast Spanish rendition...

I'll do it, though. It may be suffering for one’s art – but I can’t wait.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Kell's List of Lists

At the end of the year, everyone makes crazy lists of the best things that happened to them, the worst moments, the best dressed, and the richest millionaires in the world… So I’m throwing my hat in, and telling you about the best musical moments I’ve ever had. Please don’t take them as points of pride… They’re just the moments that helped me realize I didn’t suck as much as I thought – and made me grateful for being able to play music in front of people. The list is in no particular order, but all the events actually happened. It's going to make me feel better to recognize some other musicians, so I'll follow with a list of other musical greats in my life. Hope you enjoy them!

Kell’s List of Best Musical Moments:
1) Hearing “Are you the Kelly that writes songs?” while getting my drivers’ license photo taken. Apparently, the woman working at the DMV was one of the few fans of a CD some friends and I made a couple of years ago. It was shocking that someone actually knew who I was.

2) After playing a spring outdoor festival, I found a gift clipped under my windshield wiper. It was a bag of cotton candy and a note that said I was so hot and great that night… I’m only assuming that the sender of the note really MEANT to put it on MY car, and not Hansons’ – who were also playing that night. For fun, I taped the note to my friend, Mark’s refrigerator. It's not that I didn't appreciate the offering, but I threw the cotton candy away.

3) Firing this guy Bob from my band. (It was a unanimous band decision, by the way. Despite what Bob would tell you - it was a group decision.) It was one of those things I felt mildly bad about doing – and great for having done. The band is so much more pleasant without him around. It made me resolve only to play with people I like…

4) Singing a song I didn’t know with some musician friends of mine on NYE. I just listened to the first chorus and chimed in with some ooh’s and key phrases. It seemed to work out. After, Dave told me I couldn’t quit the band and join their’s. I wonder how much money I can get out of this deal.

5) Singing at the base of a mountain at a ski resort. Those riding the lift said they could hear us all the way up the mountain… Singing “Shenandoah” was especially thrilling. I’m not sure why, but I’m guessing the slight echo we heard back really filled in our sound.

6) Hearing Dave tell me that when he heard me sing “O Come O Come Emanuel,” it was suddenly Christmas for him. That’s probably one of the reasons I agreed to go out with him… (that and he hunted me down like a DOG – which is something I frequently tease him about.)

7) Recurring great thing: I frequently talk to Scott and Dave during songs at sets (Fran doesn’t stand next to me, so I usually don’t talk to him) – Occasionally something absolutely great happens during a song – either I sing something differently or the three of us harmonize just right, or Scott/Dave play some mind-tingling lick that I haven’t heard before… We’ll just look at each other and say, ‘nice…’ It happens about once or twice a gig – and it’s always just the best.

8) One evening, we played a live radio show. Following that, we had a gig at a local bar. A man and his three young daughters showed up. He explained to me that he formed a little band with his kids (isn’t that a cool dad?) and brought them there because he heard me on the radio. “I wanted them to see what a good singer sounded like.” Following the same radio show, I must’ve sung something differently, because one of our musician friends approached me to say, “Wow. That was a great Angel from Montgomery. I didn’t know you could sing like that.” That was a nice thing to hear!

9) After attending the Pete Seeger Sing Out! Benefit Concert, I was excited to catch the radio re-broadcast. The audience crooned along with Pete, singing “If I had A Hammer.” I was thrilled to call Dave and report, “Hey! I’m singing on National Public Radio!" (along with Pete and about 1000 other people…)

10) We had a former band member leave our band for personal/health reasons. We always liked him, but he was exceedingly high maintenance. For example, he hated playing in smoky bars. Um… We’re a band that frequently plays smoky bars (Until we’re like New York, I know very few other kinds of bars, as a matter of fact…). He couldn’t improvise easily (“If it ain’t written down, I ain’t playing it!” he’d say), and in all, we were expected to cater to his frequent and unpredictable mood swings (ok. Check that. He was usually in a bad mood, so I guess that’s an unfair statement – It would be more accurate to say he expected us to pander to his bad mood at all times…). We were sad to see him go until we replaced him with our beloved Scott… We realized something – that’s just about the best thing a musician can realize: That when you find the right mix of people, really amazing musical things happen. When you find the right personalities, even though we may have disagreements (Scott and I, for example, are always at odds about the casinos the area is planning on building), we always care about each other – and love making music.

Here’s Kell’s List of Best Musicians I’ve had the Privilege of Seeing Live:

1) Bruce Cockburn
2) Bela Fleck
3) Maynard Furguson
4) Tony Bennett
5) The Fabulous Thunderbirds
6) BB King
7) David Bowie
8) Arlo Guthrie (the only musician that I don’t care if he sings or talks)
9) Adrienne Young & Little Sadie
10) Charlie Peacock
11) John Cale
12) Antje Duvekot

Here’s Kell’s List of Musicians I Would Like to See Before Either They or I Die:

1) U2
2) Counting Crows
3) Tom Waits
4) Shelby Lynne
5) Tori Amos
6) Foo Fighters
7) Paul McCartney
8) Billy Joel
9) Lyle Lovett
10) Dido

Here’s Kell’s List of Musicians I Wish I Could’ve Seen Before Key People Died

1) Michael Hedges
2) John Denver (Don’t laugh. I had him on 8-track growing up, so it's nostalgic)
3) Frank Sinatra
4) Grateful Dead
5) Nirvana
6) Johnny Cash
7) The Beatles (I know, I know. They’re on Everyone’s List)
8) Queen (Oh, Freddie! I miss you!)
9) Warren Zevon
10) Ella Fitzgerald

And finally, here’s Kell’s List of Musicians I’d Like To Hear Sing Duets

1) Dennis DeYoung & Barry Manilow (And Freddie Mercury if they could dub him in)
2) Cyndi Lauper & Gwen Stefani
3) Tim (from the Polyphonic Spree) & Adam Duritz
4) Adam Duritz & Evan Dando
5) Adam Duritz & Kell!
6) Moriah Carey & Whitney Houston (I know it’s lame – but it'd be great.)
7) Norah Jones & Joni Mitchell
8) David Bowie & Sheryl Crow
9) Madonna & Gwen Stefani
10) Simon LeBon & Sting