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This blog is Kell's attempt to keep in touch with friends far away who complain that I don't e-mail nearly enough.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Paintings in the Office

I got the opportunity to do some photo-paintings for an office near Philadelphia... Wanna see?

Monday, January 26, 2009

25 Things

Chris tagged me on Facebook, so I'm answering here, and tagging Tiecen, DF, and anyone else who wants to do this... I think Sarabeth already did... I don't know if Trixie has the time... Krista can if she still reads blogs... HEY - with the way I've been posting lately, it's a miracle anyone reads - but have at it - if you're reading this, consider yourself TAGGED... The task? Write 25 things about yourself:

25 Things
1) I’m so grateful that my husband sort of tolerates me having a dog.
2) I have horrible, impossible skin that I can’t seem to fix (really – if you’re going to start sending me recommendations, I’ve tried it already… Proactive is water… Honest. You can’t help, but thanks for thinking you can.)
3) I sing in a band
4) I’m learning to play harmonica
5) I believe dreams are helpful things that define life issues for me. I can’t say this about every dream, but read on…
6) I know my life is careening out of control if I dream about crashing someone else’s car… I know I’m getting some control back if I dream about crashing (or regaining control) of my own car.
7) One of the greatest things about having a dog is that they don’t mind laying on my cold feet
8) My feet are generally cold.
9) I have a college degree – and think it really helped me, but not in the ways you might think. For example, I think going to college helped my confidence level, helped me learn to ask questions, and expanded my sphere of influence…. But had limited help with me in the workplace.
10) I’m speaking to two college classrooms this year –about the things that college doesn’t necessarily teach you… so in essence, I’m negating my thesis.
11) I keep my cross country skis at a friend’s house, and haven’t used them in years.
12) I love having a dog in the house.
13) I have a random and miscellaneous knowledge of horses, and once gave one a shot of penicillin… It only took me fifteen minutes to actually stick the needle in the horse’s neck… In the meantime, I probably caused unecessary stress on the horse, who likely wondered what the heck I was doing back there….
14) I would like to take piano lessons some day.
15) I collect armadillos. I have no real excuse for it, but I just like them.
16) Sometimes I miss teaching Sunday School.
17) In a perfect world, I would live high in the mountains, and have a horse, a dog, a goat and a burro… Maybe two of each.
18) My secret, as-of-yet-unrealized ambition is to be an interior decorator.
19) I once accidentally got my sister fired from her job.
20) When I was very young, I almost set a building on fire… Kids, take a lesson from me… Threadbare piano benches ignite very, very quickly.
21) I told my husband that if Willem Dafoe comes to the door and asks me to run off with him, I might go… It’s only fair, I’ve “known” Willem longer.
22) Honestly, I’d stay with my husband… Willem who?
23) Last year, I wrote a song that Crayola uses in some of their client meetings.
24) It took me twenty years to tell my mother that I fell out of my brother’s car while he was driving me home. At the time, he warned that if I told Mom, she’d be really mad… at ME!
25) I sometimes write letters to people in my past – to say thanks for _______________. It’s been a very, very fun and rewarding exercise.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

No Wonder My Lawn Looks Like This...

Dog aren't so different from people - as with us, it seems the best things in life are still free - including choice of Toys. The other day - before we got a lot of snow, Dave was out in the yard raking up the fall leaves - when Eb went absolutely crazy. He chased the rake, grabbed the rake, attacked the rake, jumped for the rake... as if it were the most delectable thing to chew on - as if it had been dipped in fox urine (I sincerely hope it hasn't...)

Anyway, Dave had so much fun playing with Eb, that the leaves never got raked up - Don't worry - we'll get to it - In the meantime, enjoy the Ebby photos...