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Monday, December 03, 2007

Feeling Like I've Missed You All

...For not writing sooner, but things have been incredibly hectic. I guess I could start at Thanksgiving, where I cooked for 13 people... It was fun to have the troops all come to my house. Preparations - since I never had the space to cook for 13 before - were a little hectic, with different kinds of results...

Like this one: I sent Dave out for two items: A tablecloth and paper plates (I just don't have matching plates for 13, so I figured Chinet would be Oh-so-elegant... ) He came back... with red and blue plastic plates with compartments.

"Look hon! Compartments!" said Dave.

"Um. Honey. That's really not Thanksgivingy, but maybe..."

"You don't like them?"

"For picnics, they'd be great - but Thanksgiving?"

"Oh. I like 'em. They have compartments."


"Look at my tablecloth. It's white with shiny designs!"

I don't need to tell you that I didn't really care - but let the record show that the shiny designs were Poinsettias... Dave had purchased a Christmas Tablecloth.

"It's lovely." I just let it go. If I didn't tell anyone, no one would notice... So the only person I told was my mother... Which meant one thing. My mom is kind of the hub of family information - so maybe my choice wasn't too wise.. because...

My sister came bursting into the house exclaiming, "Lemme see the poinsettia tablecloth!" She runs to the table. "Yep. Poinsettias!" My sister is not known for her cooth. This is the same sister, who during my wedding toast, decided to tell my and Dave's entire family that I didn't really like him romantically when we first met, so what can I expect?

"Yes, Gwennie, poinsettias. Can you help me in the kitchen a sec?"

You have to cut her a break - she did make a lovely salad with roast vegetables.

I started Christmas shopping. I think I actually ordered the same set of presents twice... so I'll have to sort that out later.

I like the whole giving presents thing - so this time of year is one of my favorites... You know - when Thanksgiving is over and it's actually OK to hear Christmas songs... And it snowed this weekend. My town (the 87th best place to live
according to Forbes - or Money Magazine) looked lovely and white for about four hours...

I'm excited about hearing Christmas music... I even met Santa Claus yesterday at the outdoor lifestyle mall. It was the coldest dampest blustery-est day this year... He and his three teenage assistants stood shivering by the outdoor gas fireplace, not at all surprised that no parent would bring their kids out in such crazy bad weather - not even to sit in Santa's lap.

I kind of wish I could have found some hand warmers - like the ones they sell in fishing stores... It would have been nice to give Santa a little gift to warm his heart - and fingertips.

In other blustery news, Today, my recycling bin blew down the street and is seriously M.I.A... The second time in recorded history that I've lost a recycling bin.

But deck the halls anyway! And speaking of which, my father brought over a wreath he made me... It's got pine and holly, but no berries or bows. "You have berries in your back yard, so you can do that - and you're on your own for the bow. I'm fresh out."

So I guess I'll have to deck the wreath too!


  • At 3:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Welcome back! I have missed your entries... but I also remember being a newly wed, and hey-- it's different than being single and engaged. Family life takes up time. So I trust that things are buzzing happily along when we haven't heard from you-- and I eagerly await your next update.

    Merry Christmas! --chris f.

  • At 5:01 PM, Blogger Trixie said…

    The lesson to be learned here is never send Dave and WaWa out on a shopping mission together. They will not only buy inappropriate plates and tablecloths but also lots of stuff you neither have room for or need (and then explain why they bought and how cheap it was) and on top of it all - they will leave 30 minutes before the people you wish hadn't been invited arrive and they will stay gone at least 2 hours so that you are forced to entertain aforesaid persons.

    (Oh and back to that dialogue we had running. Christians also have "holiday photos" with nice themed backgrounds (trees, gifts, etc). No one has ever heard of such a thing for us Jews! This remark comes on the heels of Christmas photos only at daycare and then a photographer trying to pose us later (different shoot) with Xmas items even though I clearly said NO CHRISTMAS)

  • At 6:48 AM, Blogger Kell said…

    Here, there's a store called "Sadie's" that features options for Chaunukah... Last year, my friends sent holiday cards involving cotton rolls (snow) and the menorah.

  • At 8:02 PM, Anonymous DF said…

    Welcome back, Kelly. Good to "hear" your voice again.

  • At 3:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm not sure, but I think you ordered the same set of gifts twice last year too - I had this deja vu moment while reading your entry. Did you have a good birthday? Jane

  • At 4:21 AM, Blogger Kell said…

    It was nice, thanks. Low-key. Pajama kind of birthday.


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