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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Things I Don't Hate

Sass inspired this list: "Thangs I Don't Hate." She just posted about the same topic - and I started this list on her comment page - but thought I should share with the rest of you... It's therapeutic. I've been very fussy (and more than a little mouthy lately) - so a cheer factor is in order... (Among "crabbykellincatty" topics: a co-worker got fired today - one I care about, I've been doing too much freelance work lately - and where I can't complain about the money, I'm in need of a day off...)

Ok. On to the list. Thangs I don't hate:

Leaving work at the end of the day
chocolate and raspberries
my new Cole Haan Shoes - decadent, but it makes leaving work at the end of the day even more pleasant
the prospect of "I can get a maid any time I want!"
new socks
Being an aunt, daughter, wife and step-mom
Waking up without the alarm on
foot rubs
barbecue sauce
puppy smell
photos of Knut at the Berlin Zoo
Vanity Fair
New York City
Errol Morris
Girls' Night out - even when the play sucks.
Spending evenings with Dave
horses - horseback riding - and even the smells of the barn
the woods
The Red Wolf Tavern
The smell of the fall
Sweatshirt weather.
My new Italian shirt, sent to me by friends who went to Italy

That's pretty good for now - there's more - but I've sufficiently cheered myself up. G'nite!


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