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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Catchin' Up

I've been so bad at blogging lately - so I thought I'd give you an update on my activities of late. As you know, I'm a new step-parent. Paula's 17 - and I think I'm getting the hang of 17 year olds... Ok, I'm not - but sometimes I just pretend and it makes me feel better. The other weekend, we painted her bedroom - it was a luscious lunar blue - and is now a warmly welcoming orange and purple:

Ok - so the other day, as you may have seen from the previous post - the credit union three doors down from my office got robbed. The police think five perpetrators went into the bank at 8:21 am - stole a little over 67K in cash (do the math - and you'll understand why I already think these robbers are dumb... They're risking their lives for a little over 14K each? Personally, I'd never do it for under a million... each.) So they escape in a getaway car - all but one... One steals a tellers' car and leaves... The others get about 400 yards in their getaway car before they crash it. By this time, the cops were all over the place... So as the robbers are trying to get out of the upturned car, the police catch three. One escapes on foot. For the rest of the day, traffic was not allowed into the area. If we left, we couldn't get back in... Cars were searched, the area was searched by dogs and choppers - and this man wasn't found. Ok so he's gone - but I have to tell you the second silly thing about these robbers... The police went to search their apartments. Among other things, they found pot and boxes of cell phones... If I were a serious criminal - I'd keep my contraband somewhere else - but that's just me.

Ok - Third strange thing that's happened to me lately. I was invited to attend my step-daughter's "Meet the Teacher" night... So Dave and I go to her school and go through her class periods. We meet the teachers - several of them younger than I am (where most of the other parents were about a decade my senior...) It was weird. Everyone filed into the room - and just like the first day of junior high school, no one talked to each other... Even when I did talk to other parents, they looked at me like I was an alien...

The fun part was talking to the students in the cafeteria. For some reason, they were sitting there - at booths - touting their particular club or activity... The French club handed out brochures and claimed that "You don't even have to speak French to join!" (Ay Caramaba! I could join!) The international club made yummy Iranian cheese and spinach puffy snacks (Dave had three), the chorus kids dressed in tuxes and gowns... The drama team was very dramatic - and eager to tell me who they thought might be cast in this year's production of "Anne Frank." The Library club told me they got together to read books. Everyone handed me brochures... Where I didn't, I told my step-daughter that I signed her up for EVERY CLUB. She thanked me heartily.

What was even more strange about high school was the kinds of classes offered - classes that I never had a shot at taking till college - Paula (my step-daughter has a name!) is taking Psychology, Zoology, Early Child Development, Economics, Brit Lit, Algebra (taught by an ex-engineer...), and something else... Can't remember. All the teachers said she's doing well. Even the Algebra Teacher, who said his tenth period class was hard to reach (go fig), said she was doing well. Good for her, I say. I hated math - and still kind of wonder how I ever got through it.

Well, that's news, weather and sports! Now you're caught up. I have a whirlwind 2-wedding weekend coming up... I hate it when I do that. That's why I bought a Palm Pilot - and I'm programming it to beep "IDIOTIDIOTIDIOT!" whenever I do something stupid like that again!


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