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Monday, June 26, 2006

Singin' In The Rain

This weekend, the band played for a friend of ours, a race promoter. He organizes runners and sponsors - and throws races called "The Ugly Mudder" and "Double Trouble." It's funny playing at such events, because - well, I only ever ran in college when I had to for a class - and even then, traded running for bicycling as soon as I learned that was okay. I now only run when I'm chased (which isn't very often at all)

Anyway, the race was held in a huge, beautiful state park - rain or shine... There was little shine. It poured. Hats off to my friend Karen, who ran 15K in the rain, came back covered with mud - and said, "This wasn't fun." Hats off to her for finishing - but the biggest hats off - was because she came to the race in the first place, knowing it would be difficult to run through the sog and bog of the state park. I honestly don't know what motivates dedication like that - Maybe it's what my artist friend John once explained to me, defining his own passion: "Kelly, artists create art. That's what they do." - With that in mind, runners run - and singers sing - even in the rain.

(NOTE: The band sounded pretty good - warm, damp weather seems to be a key to a good voice, although it threw the instruments into a bit of havoc.)

Ok - the funny thing about the afternoon were the prizes - Race winners enjoyed mason jars filled with Tootsie Rolls. First, Fran asked, "Kelly, what's with the Tootsie Rolls? Seems counter productive to runners..." I suggested that they were energy food. Fran, unsatisfied with the answer, conferred with the band expert, Scott, who then came to me and asked, "Why does Fran think I would know about the Tootsie Rolls? I shrugged... I really had NO CLUE as to why Tootsie Rolls would ever be a prize. (For the most part, can't think of any occasion in the last 20 years where where I've eaten one - or thought much about them at all...)

So I asked the promoter - "What's with the Tootsie Rolls?"

"Well," he thoughtfully replied. I braced myself for some secret racers' wisdom, or some bit of promoter tradition... "They're really just to provide a little color to fill the jar - and they're the cheapest candy I can fill them with."


A racer nearby was listening, and asked if he could have Hershey Kisses next year... The promoter completely ignored the comment, handed off the jar, and said, "Kell - I'll give you a check. I just have to get the checkbook from my girlfriend."

"I've heard that before," quipped Scott, jokingly...

At the end of the day, we returned home damp and a little muddy ourselves... Dave and Fran helped Scott change his shorted car battery (which Scott's cut of the take completely covered...)

So ends another chapter in playing in a promising local band. I'm so grateful we didn't get paid in Tootsie Rolls!



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