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Thursday, June 15, 2006

You Can Do It; We Can Help

I was in the Home Depot tonight - buying a quart of paint so I can finish these chairs I've been making - I'll post a photo of them when I'm done - Anyway, while the young 20-something mixing my paint was waiting on me, a co-worker of his came up and handed him an in-store test. It was a completed employee test administered by Home Depot.

Co-Worker: Here ya go. Just fill it in.
20: But it's already filled in!
CW: Yep. Just your name.
20: Wow! This is my kinda test! All right! Thanks, man!

20 then smiled at his audience of me, and two others standing at the counter:

20: This is just like it was in high school.

At that moment, I had a strange flash of a vision. The kid stood in a house (presumably his parents')... swatting at flies as the building's foundation was being eaten by termites...

I grabbed my paint and went home. It had better be the right color.



  • At 8:36 AM, Blogger Ph said…

    Home Depot painting section cracks me up for two reasons:
    The first is that it's cheaper to buy a gallon of paint than a half gallon. Don't ask me why, but I when I was buying paint I said I wanted two half gallons (different colors) and the guy told me just to buy full gallons because it was only like 2 dollars more or something.

    And the second is that the guy used the wrong sheen of paint when he mixed it and when he told me that I think he expected me to take it anyways...which I would have done had I not already had most of the room painted. I looked back at him. He stared blankly back at me. I finally won and he remixed the paint.

  • At 11:38 AM, Blogger Tiecen said…

    I went to Home Depot to by some wood for the plaform my bed is on and I told the kid I needed 6ft long pieces of wood made from the 12 foot long strips I brought him. He proceeded to cut 4 feet of of all of them. When he gave them to me I told him they were wrong and he said, "You didn't tell me these were 12 feet. I thought they were 10." I just said, "You measured them and you work here." He apoliagized and sent me to get new wood. Kinda seems like they don't really want to help us do it....


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