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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Kellifornia's Wedding Adventures

As the Beach Boys so aptly said, ‘The East Coast Girls are hip….”

They’re right. We are.

And if all the other ECG’s are like me, they’re also poor planners. Every time I pack for a trip, I bring the wrong stuff. In February, I didn’t pack correctly for 85-degree West Palm Beach weather. I figured February would mean cold weather – so I packed pants. So to prepare for Santa Barbara, I packed for warm weather…. I wasn’t expecting the 55-degree weekend I got. Weather (and airline travel) aside, it was a lovely weekend in a beautiful place. I flew out to photograph (and be a guest at) my friend, Alison’s wedding. Enjoy the pics. I’m told I merely need to multiply my current salary by a billion or so, and I could live there!

The day began with breakfast and makeup. Our Hollywood makeup artist taught us the “Hollywood Way” of accepting compliments when you hate accepting compliments: “Just say thank you then (she points to her head) and then you think to yourself, “I know!”
Ok. A word on Al’s past – her mom died when she was fifteen. Shortly after, she got pretty close to her uncle. He got ordained so he could perform the ceremony… And the wedding was lovely. Al planned to wed on the beach, but the weather sent us into city hall’s clock tower (I’m told this tower is in a lot of TV shows).

Alison is also, like me, a wedding photographer. After shooting hundreds of ceremonies, she decided to go small. I like that.
Upon our arrival, another couple was getting married, so we waited until they were done and took our places (all 8 of us.) We took our places with a mountain backdrop. As soon as the ceremony began, a member of the previous wedding party marched right in the middle and asked if anyone had seen a camera. It was kinda funny… But cute.
After the wedding, we went to dinner. It was lovely. The whole weekend was lovely.

So enjoy the pics!

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    They are lovely! I wish them all the best.


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