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Thursday, June 16, 2005


I'm recovering from my recent palate of bridezilla's - and seem to be doing fine. Not that this is any excuse for not posting - I actually have a thousand other excuses for that... I was in DC... Um, I had band practice... my house isn't clean enough yet... I'm working a lot of hours... You get the idea.

Anyway, this post is about Dave, the poor Dave... He spent the last two weeks hosting an open mic he hasn't been paid for. This seems to irk me more than it does Dave.

The band also plays certain nights at the same bar... So I made the (only partially popular) ultimatum that very likely makes me Bandzilla... I said if the bar owner fails to settle up with Dave for the open mics, I won't play there anymore. I hated to do this - because Dave likes the place, but I look on it as a) a respect issue, and b) insurance that this will never happen to the whole band... So, (not that I needed support...)I brought the issue up to the rest of the band. I figured, hey. I'm one of four. That's only 25% of the vote. If Fran and Scott agreed with me - then we'd sort of force Dave to deal with the money issue. If they agreed with Dave (which they often do - just because he's the guy... Being the only chick in the band has certain downfalls... but that's another blog entirely), then I'd shut up and play - even though I'd complain about it.

The rest of the band immediately agreed that restitution MUST be made... So tonight, Dave and I are going to the bar to see what happens.

Dave hates confrontation, and for the record, I respect and understand that - but I firmly believe that no one should have to lug out audio boards, big speakers, bass amps, mics, and a thousand mic cables and not get paid for it... (We would of course, do this for a benefit... but not for a guy who just decides not to pay...)

Sheesh. Sorry for the fit of soapbox I seem to be on... But right is right! No pay no play is what I say! This from Bandzilla and her Merry Harem of Musicians.


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