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Monday, May 23, 2005

Twenty Dinner Dates, both Alive and Otherwise

I mentioned to someone today that I wouldn't mind having dinner with Maya Angelou... Then I got to thinking. Here are the top ten living people I would like to have dinner with (that I don’t already get to have dinner with, or could have dinner with if I’d just remember to call them):

1) Bruce Cockburn (pronounced “CO-burn”) - A fine, fine singer songwriter
2)Maya Angelou - An all-around amazing woman, who knows the glass is half full - and it’s for her...
3) Willem Dafoe - A fine, fine actor
4) Arlen Specter - A man I admire for continuing to work while fighting cancer. And no, I would not trade my dinner with the Senator for dinner with Lance Armstrong, although I admire him for fighting cancer as well...
5) Madeleine L’Engle - who has inspired me to write since the fifth grade
6) Anne Lamott - The woman who puts my thoughts into words. I just love her.
7)Jon Hassler - Although I’m still a little mad at Mr. Hassler for killing off his character, Miles Pruitt, I believe it would be a very enjoyable evening.
8) Tom Waits - just because our birthdays are the same day - and I have some technical questions about some of his music.
9) Errol Morris - After dinner, I’m hoping Mr. Morris would offer me a job as his personal assistant.
10) Condoleeza Rice - Think what you want about her politics, Ms. Rice is a multi-talented, smart smart woman who has the poise, presence, and abilities I’d like to be around.

Here are the top ten dead people I’d like to resurrect at least long enough to have dinner with me:

1. John Calvin - I have questions about common grace
2. Charles Schultz - I’d just like to say thanks for all the Snoopy
3. Warren Zevon - a fine, fine singer/songwriter
4. Ingrid Wakeman - a woman I once made dinner for before she died of cancer. My food had nothing to do with it... For further reasoning, refer to Condy Rice
5. Kenny, although I suspect he’s not really dead
6. Walt Disney - who I’m sure has something to teach me about fearless pursuit of dreams and the Country Bear Jamboree
7. Andy Warhol - C’mon - I shouldn’t even have to explain this. I don’t want to talk - I just want to listen.
8. C.S. Lewis - author of many, many fine thoughts
9. Rosa Parks - Everyone should have Rosa Parks on their list of people to resurrect and have dinner with
10. Mr. Lincoln - Four score and seven years ago....


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