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Saturday, May 14, 2005

All Before Nine AM

Too many weddings! This morning I had a need to veg, so I stopped at a yard sale. I immediately wished I hadn’t. The homeowner noticed I was looking at a table full of Barbie Dolls – Actually I wasn’t really looking at the dolls, I was sort of browsing across the aisles on my way to the other side of the garage. When she walked over to me – I happened to be right in front of a table full of dolls. She said the following… Abridged.

“Hello. Are you interested in Barbie Dolls? I have three of them here. Oh, and one Ken Doll – And lots and lots of clothes. There must be at least ten outfits here – All kinds of stuff. I saved it for my daughter’s children but they’re not interested in dolls, so here they are… Oh, and I have porcelain dolls too if you like them. All sorts of dolls.

You know? My husband goes to Saylorsburg when he needs to find things – and if you ever need ANYTHING – you should go to that flea market in Saylorsburg. You wouldn’t believe it. If someone’s looking for a lamp – you know, so (demonstrates) high – they just go there. “I’ll find it!” They say. And they do. They get there at 5:30 in the morning with flashlights looking around until the place opens. Yeah…

Then she stopped for a breath and sighed, “Porcelain.”


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