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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

An Open Letter to the Police Officer Who Hit My Car Window Last Night (OR "Not-So-Peaceful Demonstration on Martin Luther King Boulevard")

Dear Officer,

Last night, I drove past an accident site on Martin Luther King Boulevard. I felt badly for those involved. Because it was dark, I couldn’t tell if anyone was hurt – and could see that your department was on hand, directing traffic and being helpful. You guys were doing a great job in keeping things moving.

That is – Until I came to the second traffic stop. Your police car was blocking oncoming traffic… Behind it, you stood directing traffic – stopping one lane to let the other go – then stopping the other lane to let MY lane go. Seemed pretty cut and dry…

That is – Until you let the car in front of me go – and wanted to stop my car. You did something with your hands, but because your police car was shooting blue light all over and sort of blinding my eyes to your unlit hands, because my windows were shut, and I was listening to Christmas music, I could neither see your hands nor hear you… And yes – I should have opened my window - and should have stuck my head out that window to indicate that I was having an issue understanding my instructions… but I didn’t.

What I did – was inch along, thinking the guy in front of me went, so I was supposed to go too…

That’s when you stormed up to my driver’s side window– and hit it with your blunt-force gloved hand. You hit my car window quite hard, sir – and it was kind of jarring. I unrolled my window to hear you yelling how you said stop – and stop means stop.

I told you that I couldn’t see you because of your car lights - and how they were very bright – and your black, unlit gloves were not seeable… You screamed that this is how people get hurt.

I can see your point… but I’m still angry that you felt that even with my explanation – you continued to yell – not considering that maybe I had a point as well – that I’m not that dumbass who directly defies authority by ignoring his traffic signals issued directly from your authority… It was just that I couldn’t SEE them… And perhaps I’m not the only one… And that this is another way that people get hurt.

Then you yelled at me that I should get out… I have to tell you – that my anger at this point was boiling… and it was only out of respect for your position as police officer that I shut up, shut my window, and left the scene of the accident.

I believe that as a person with a squeaky clean traffic record and non-existent rap sheet, I deserve a little respect too. When I called your supervisor today, I fully admitted I could have done things differently – but felt neither served nor protected by a cop slamming his hand into my window… and screaming at me for something that was very much a misunderstanding. He said he’d talk to you about it. I said to be sure to tell you I’m sorry I pissed you off… but really – I’m somewhat concerned that you had no illumination on your body – no understanding of how soundproof my car was… Honest.




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