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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Deja Vu, or Familiar Faces in Unfamililar Places

I've had a phenomenon throughout my life of meeting people from my past in strange places:

1) When I was in second grade (in Pennsylvania), my grandmother and I flew to Raleigh, NC, to see an aunt and uncle. While in the airport, I ran into my classmate Hank. He was visiting relatives too.

2) About ten years ago, I ran into a client while changing planes in Chicago O'Hare Airport. I'd been to Peoria, stayed with friends, and had a job interview... When I saw my client (who was one of my favorite clients - one of those who got to be a good friend) - I exclaimed, "Pat!" He exclaimed, "What are you doing here?" I must have paused for just enough of a second before saying, "I was visiting friends!" (Note: I always wondered if this was a lie - at any rate, it wasn't the complete truth. The reason I was there was the job interview - the bonus was that I got to stay with friends.) Pat just smiled - and years later, after both of us were in new jobs, said, "You were at an interview, weren't you?"

3) I was in Chicago on another occasion. This woman approached and called my name... I didn't recognize her until she told me we worked at summer camp together (she was a few years younger than I, but I still felt badly for not recognizing her immediately) Something about seeing familiar faces in unfamiliar places that makes that face seem somewhat unfamiliar...

4) The other day, I was meeting with new clients at my office for the first time. We were waiting for the last member of the group - some guy named Tom. When he walked in, I turned, stood and offered my hand to shake, "Hi! I'm Kelly...." We locked eyes for a minute - and I'm sure freaked the rest of the contents of the conference room became uncomfortable... Tom said "Holy S***!" I fell back into my chair and rolled across the conference room. "I don't believe this! Hi Tom!"

Tom was the older brother of my high school friend, Michelle... If I wasn't at home, I was probably at their house...

Since our last meeting, 20 years ago or so, a lot has happened - a lot -we tried to cram in to to a quick walk to the coffee maker... We jammed in info that his dad had moved, what his sisters were doing, that I got married, and sang in a band - all in a matter of a few seconds... It's not a great way to catch up - but now that he's a client - We'll maybe catch up later...

How weird is that? How people kind of weave in and out of our lives?


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