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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Eb at the Beach

I know - I'm obsessing about my dog - AGAIN... Just wait'll you see the photos of him in his HALLOWEEN COSTUME...

Here's Eb at the beach. I swear - as soon as something not frantic and relatively interesting happens in my life, I will resume posting things of interest to people that don't have to do with my dog... But lately I've been running like crazy, and my frantic-ness usually doesn't lend to good blog posting... For example - this weekend: Friday, the band played a wedding at this restaurant that was so swanky, I was sure that they'd kick us out as soon as they saw Dave's '94 Plymouth Voyager pulling up to the entrace - and surely again - when Dave pulled the banjo out of the case (but they didn't - can you believe it?!!) - On Saturday, I shot a wedding, then stopped to see a friend play music at a nearby club. This AM, I threw a party for 14 third graders, then got a call from Dave - whose van broke down. After, I photographed a 90th Birthday Party... But let me tell you about this breakdown.

I have yet to tell the blogosphere about Dave's pride and joy van... Dave bought it last December for about 1200$... In the spring, we had to dump a lot of money in it to replace the AC unit... Two weeks ago, it got a new starter... I thought about posting photos of this silly vehicle my husband is so enraptured with - but have been sheepish about the whole thing. I'd like to think of it as the pink elephant on the highway that everyone sees, yet no one discusses... Let me illustrate: I once drove it to my office to get some work done on a Saturday... My boss stopped in said, "Oh Kelly - it's you! Is that your van? I thought it was the cleaning lady!"... I don't know - the van is sort of stylish I guess - in that hippie-dippy-send-me-money sort of way... It's got a Honda Civic Spoiler attached to the back and hood locks on the front (for reasons unknown) - You'll just have to imagine it because I think I'm refusing to post photos of it...

Okay - let me tell you HOW the van broke down. The ball bearing that holds the axle to the transmission just fell apart - and the axle sort of just - let go of the chassis as Dave was turning to exit a parking lot - and whomp!

It freaked the living daylights out of me - but was relieved when the AAA guy said this kind of thing only happens at low speeds... So we had it towed to a garage - and now I can only ask: How much money do you spend on a $1200 vehicle before you give it up? Seriously - I want your opinions... Think on it while I show you photos of Ebby on the beach.


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