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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Flat Noah

My friend, Noah (from Kansas) is doing a class project - He's read the book "Flat Stanley," about a boy who got flattened in an unfortunate bulletin board accident. In true Optimist Style, Stanley decides it's kind of great being flat - and mails himself to California...

Well, Noah's classmates all sent their flat paper counterparts to the nether regions of the United States - I got Flat Noah - so I wrote a lot about his adventures in Pennsylvania - and I'm copying them for you now.

One - you'll note that Flat Noah arrived at my house FULL SIZED. I was thinking he'd come to me about the size of a piece of construction paper - and I couldn't imagine bringing Flat Noah everywhere with me Full-sized - so I made up a story about how he got shrunk in the dryer - then I took a photo of Flat Noah - printed him on my laser printer at approximately 10" high, and we had our adventures... which did nothing but make him more manageable for me.

Here are the Flat Highlights. This was a fun project -

OK, Ok. Blogger won't let me upload the other photos - so I'll summarize - because I know you all are freakin' wild to know what ever became of Flat Noah. Well, Fran, my bandmate - offered (ok - I just asked him - and he didn't say no) to take mini-flat Noah to Poland with him on Business. The book had several pages of Flat Noah in front of cathedrals - and it was totally cool.

This concluded Flat Noah's Pennsylvania/Prague adventures - but it left me with a dilemma: How to return Noah to his original size and mail him back to the Real Noah in time for the Flat Tea Party his classmates were holding. It was mostly a dilemma becase some where - in the middle of taxes - and other regularly scheduled frenzies that occur in my house - the Original Flat Noah was nowhere to be found. I actually lost him. Think about it for a minute. I had one assignment - and I blew it.

But the truth is - I'm a creative professional. I could handle this- I decided to leave it to Flat Noah - in the last page of the book I sent back (along with a lot of PA things - like Hershey Bars, Peeps, Crayola Crayons and The GettysBurg Address), I wrote a story of how Flat Noah fell in love with a woman on a magazine - and decided to stay small so they could make a life together.

Cheesy? Maybe -but I figure as long as the cheese came with Chocolate, well then - hopefully - no one will notice.


  • At 10:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I have a friend on another blogger site who recieved Flat Stanley in the mail. This must be some elementary school trend now. I can tell you had WAY too much fun with this project. I enjoyed the read and I'm sure your Noah student will have the best pictures for the class!

  • At 4:55 PM, Blogger Trixie said…

    We did the Flat Stanley years ago for a kid in TX and had a blast too. But you are The BOMB. Love the storyline, love story and all. Love that you made a book (wish that Shutterfly had been around in the 90s). You so rock.

  • At 5:21 PM, Blogger Tiecen said…

    That is such a fun idea! I love it!


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