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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

It's All Coming Back To Me

Today, I had a situation where I needed some information... So I called a man I used to work with - at the company I used to work FOR. I'd long forgotten his extension, so I used the company phone directory... It instructed me to "Dial the first few letters of the person's first or last name."

The guy's name was Eric... So I "dialed" E-R-I-C.

The first choice the directory gave me was for another Eric in the company. It then said if that wasn't the person I was looking for, I should press the pound key. I did so.

THEN - it gave me the next prompt. A *very* familiar voice came on: Kelly (last name), Extension 340!!!!!

It was me. Even though I haven't been employed by this company for FIVE YEARS, I still had a mailbox...

Curiosity overcame me - and I hung up, and called back - just curious enough to wonder if I had any five year old voice mails... I mean - wouldn't you? I could have had a message from the President of Saudi Arabia... The late Charlton Heston - or even (gasp) - my old boss...

Unfortunately, I couldn't remember the password.... so my quest ended then and there... But how funny is that?


  • At 8:19 PM, Blogger Trixie said…

    You crack me up. How funny! I couldn't remember mine last week and I probably only picked it 30 days ago. I have ZERO short-term memory these days. You'd never catch me even attempting a password that was like..5 years old!! HA.


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