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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Moving toward Miracles

So my mother has been suffering a medical anomaly for the past few years. Her symptoms were really odd - and she experienced no pain - but really wanted to get the problem taken care of... Doctors were confounded... They had no idea what was wrong with her - and not a clue where to find out... One unsuccessful surgery later, she finally spent some time talking to a family friend who's a surgeon. He didn't know what to say to help her, but knew this great doctor who might.

So Mom and I trecked off to another state to visit a new doctor (My mother was unhappy about this - because she hates travelling... but I told her, "Mom - go to the miracle - don't wait for it to happen to you.") Seriously, it took us three hours or so to get there (and would have taken even LESS time had I not gotten lost.)

Anyway, this doctor was fan-freaking-tastic. He was so nice to my mother and asked her a thousand questions about her back, her surgery, and all that. He even at one point, tied her shoes for her after looking at her feet... in all, a completely polite, intelligent, and amazingly cool guy. He said he'd find it hard to believe that she wasn't in pain except he'd met one other person with the same symptoms... He couldn't explain why she was going through what she was going through, but committed himself to helping her find out... And he's been great.

My mother left feeling - if nothing else - that she at least wasn't crazy. I said I'd support her and drive her wherever she needed to go... She continued to explain to me that she didn't like traveling (oh, my aging Momma! If I didn't love her so much, I'd strangle her!)

Anyway, months have gone by - she's had tests upon tests - and finally she had an appointment with a doctor near where I live.

She called last night:

Kell's Mom: Guess what? I have a diagnosis!
Kell: What? You're kidding.

She then described the very rare condition the doctor believes she has. He showed her online - a photo of a gentleman who has this disorder - and showed her (gasp!) what happened to the guy after treatment... And oddly enough, the treatment is a relatively simple series of IV treatments... All that could possibly happen right near his office - right near my home (about an hour and a half away from where she lives).

K'sM: It would mean I'd have to travel to get treatments for five days. I told the doctor I'd have to think about it...
K: You could stay with me you know... We have a lot of room you know...
K'sM: Yeah. When I got home, I thought "What a dope I am! Why didn't I just set it up then?"

Yeah, Mom. Way to move toward that miracle... even if it's slowly!!!!!

She then mentioned that she'd have to schedule it carefully... Both of my sisters are graduating college next month - and she'd be darned if she was going to miss them... But at least she's starting to see things my way.

Yay, Mom!


  • At 1:04 PM, Blogger Dan said…

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  • At 8:16 PM, Blogger Trixie said…

    Rock on Momma! Way to fight the fight and decide that maybe 5 days of "little travel" is better than whatever was going on...

    Besides Kell needs a house guest. What with not having a dog anymore...she needs some one to look after and worry about at least for a couple of day :)-


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