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Monday, May 26, 2008

On the Telly... In Philly!

Check out the band!!!! My friend, Liz, CBS reporter, came to our Mayfair gig this afternoon - and shazam! We ended up on the PHILADELPHIA NEWS!!!!!

Thanks, Liz! You rock!

Anyway, this gig was so cool. Mayfair is a great little festival - purely my favorite thing about Allentown... It's a showcase for local musicians, my favorite thing - shopping for crafty stuff - and my step-daughter's favorite thing - Kettle Corn.

So we played one gig on Thursday, and one today... Thursday? We played in a tent - which was great - because the weather changed every three minutes. It poured, then it got windy and cold, then the sun came out - then it kept changing... Resulting in, among other things - this really fabulous rainbow, photo courtesy of my friend Laurie.

Thankfully, the weather today was just lovely - 80-degrees, easy, breezy and beautiful. We played really well - which is always a plus. We had a good crowd - we didn't forget the words to anything... And afterward - we had the nicest group of people. In addition to the news camera (wanna hear something terrible? After the gig, the cameraman approached me and informed me that we used to work live football games together... I didn't remember - which I feel terrible - but I always worked in the booth with the announcers - not on the field with the cameramen...), a reporter from the local paper came up and asked to do an interview with us. A group of strangers asked to see my guitar (which is very lovely - see?), and we just had a good time - it was a far cry from THIS gig - where if I'd had a tail, I'd have come home with it firmly tucked between my pathetic legs.

So we had a good time - and we hope to do it again next year!


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