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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Waiting For The Next Big Thing

This post is for all of you Victory Valley Alums - You know who you are.

Here are some photos from Donna's "Um-I-Don't-Know-What-To-Call-This-Event" Party... Donna is leaving the summer camp I attended, worked at, and eventually lived for awhile. Her first full-time summer at camp was my first summer as a camper. I've known Donna for just about all of my life. She's become a good friend - and someone I look forward to spending time with - even when she knocks on my door at 6:45 AM looking for somewhere to hang out between dropping her child off at work and teaching her CPR class in Allentown. (In fact, that happened just a few months ago. Even though she'd never stopped in that early without calling, I openly assumed it was Donna. Who else could it be?)

I have to say, the event was bizarre. It was half reunion, half goodbye party - and mostly for me something that marked the end of an era. Even though I'm not directly involved at the Valley right now, I loved being able to return - to visit, to volunteer, to reconnect with old friends... Whatever.

Today, I'm not particularly fond of the remaining management... I don't know the director personally, but I've read some things he's written - and can't help but find him quite self-aggrandizing and more than a little happy to be him... And because I feel such a tie to the place, I'm very unsettled at Donna's exit (even though I know she's been wanting to go for some time). It's not that I'm upset about programs changing... It's just that as far as personalities go, I'd rather leave a place I love in the hands of someone I respect... Someone I believe is relational, and someone whose agenda is solely focused on giving kids an amazing summer camp experience. I don't want to be rude, but I'm simply not impressed.

But for now - I have to tell you that Donna's party was a crazy compendium of people... Old people, new people - all attached in some way to the camp we all grew up at. I ran into people I haven't seen in 20 years... I reconnected with people I only EVER see when I go back... And am sort of feeling lately like a salmon with no birthplace to return to.

Here's me and Donna:

Here's the old crowd:

If nothing more, it was nice to see great support for my friend - and to see everyone again... I'm just so sad though. It's the end of an era, and here I sit - Waiting for the next Big thing - for Donna - and maybe for me.


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