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Friday, December 02, 2005


I'm determined this year, to do as little physical Christmas Shopping as possible. I prefer e-shopping... Which I've done quite a bit of. I purchased a smoke-ring shooting gun for my nephew, a cake server shaped like a high heel for my friend the caterer.... You name it, I've shopped for it online. (I can't tell you what I ordered Dave on line, because he reads my blog... For one of his gifts this year, however, I needed his license plate number... He asked, 'Why, baby?' - and I told him that he couldn't ask me such questions at this time of year, wink! wink!)

Anyway, for the band, I planned on making a sort of digital collage and framing one for each of them... But as I started, the ideas flowed. The single picture turned into a whole calendar - so I'm presenting four months of my very first Perks Calendar - Fun to make, and maybe just a little too time consuming...

This is my second calendar of the year - and after this, I'm either going to return to buying calendars or nail up a shingle and make them full time.... Hope you like the Perks images.... And let me be the first to wish y'all Merry Christmas, Happy Chaunukah, Blessed Kwanzaa... and Happy Birthday if that's what applies.


PS - Yesterday I got an e-mail forward from my normally ... um, normal friend, Eric. It was from the American Family Association or some such organization, who was asking me to boycott Target Stores because they refuse to use the word "Christmas" in their promotions... (sorry. Now I wish I'd saved the e-mail, but apparently, this is a huge issue. Here's an article that states what may be a Christmas anti-pandemic...)

If Target wants to be over-the-top Politically Correct, that's fine. It seems a little silly, but since I usually don't receive my spiritual inspiration from a retail department MEGAcenter, I am really okay with that.

I understand why Target doesn't mention Christmas - They wants to be "Holiday Season Inclusive/Sensitive..." I prefer to include everyone, myself. The difference is , I stick with the holiday at hand. For example, sometimes I wish my single female friends a Happy Father's Day.

So what if I say Merry Christmas to you, and you celebrate Chaunukah? I'm personally happy to have a Happy Chaunukah, even though I'm not Jewish. A good day is a good day, right? My holiday wish is for the world to relax a little. After all, everyday is Thanksgiving, right?

So Joy to the World - All the Boys and Girls - Joy to the Fishes and the Deep Blue Sea... Joy to You and Me.

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  • At 6:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Happy Festivus Kel!

  • At 5:57 AM, Blogger Trixie said…

    I am Jewish. I agree that a holiday is a holiday as long as it doesn't involve sacrificing small children or goats. My Southern Baptist friends pray for me and I say "Absolutely and throw in a few for WaWa too." I will take anyone's blessings, prayers, and good wishes. I will take every holiday offered. Why? Because we work to hard, are usually petty and mean-spirited, and need to feel the love. Downtime is a good thing. Holidays are an excuse to unwind. So let's all relax, bundle up the holidays, and take a really long vacation.


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