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Monday, November 07, 2005

Scott Likes It

When I talk about my band – I know I usually dish on Fran. This time, I’m telling you about Scott and Dave.

Scott is the band’s youngest member. He’s 26 or something. He and Dave have formed their own mutual admiration society. They get along very well – at times, too well…

Scott plays bass, for example. He owns a classic EBO – which a friend once destroyed by slamming the hood of his trunk right on the gig bag. Scott loved the bass enough, however, to hang on to for years and years. “I can fix it,” Dave offered. Scott had nothing to lose, so he handed the bass to Dave. As the weeks went by, the band would occasionally receive an update on the health of the EBO – until one day, it was returned to Scott.

Now, Scott plays his old bass all the time… He loves Dave for fixing it. Dave loves Scott because Scott likes everything Dave likes… and supports Dave in nearly every new bass Dave would like to purchase.

Last year, Dave bought the world’s ugliest 80’s metal-dork bass. (I wish I had a photo of it…) He showed it to me. “You’ve gotta be kidding, I said.”

“Well,” Dave replied, “Scott likes it.”

It began. Everything I hated was fine with Dave because Scott likes it… “You’re not wearing that shirt, are you?” “Well, Scott likes it…” I’d been telling Dave for awhile not to wear certain socks with certain shorts and certain shoes. It wasn’t until Scott laughed at him that he wore only sandals with shorts. I couldn’t figure out if Dave was doing this to anger me or – if he really valued Scott’s opinion over mine… but every time a band disagreement over a song, a bass, or something came up, if I was the dissenter, I’d lose, because…

Scott likes it…


The other night, after finishing a lot of freelance work and a huge project, I thought I deserved a present. I bought myself the Sex & The City box set. I love that show!

On the way out of Best Buy, I got a call from this man who's organizing the party my band is playing for tonight. It's a political rally. He asked if my roots band could play "God Bless America." I said I'd call the band and ask them if we could quickly work up a version of the song that wasn't too embarassing. I called Scott first.

After talking about the song, I mentioned the purchase. “You know,” Scott said, “My wife loves that show – and I might be the only man to admit it, but it’s really well written and I love it.” I understand this.

I’d only started watching S&TC when they aired it on TBS – I don’t subscribe to HBO… so I turned into an overnight fan. I would sometimes make Dave watch it. In the beginning, he hated it… But soon, I would hear comments like, “You know, the readhead’s the prettiest…” or “I like the brunette. She’s funny…”

I knew he was hooked. Yesterday, I played the Season Two DVD. Dave sat down and watched for a long time… I made a comment to him. “Shhh!” he said. “The show is on!”
I smiled and sang a little song, “You like it, you like it… Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

"Shut up." Dave said. "You like this show, you like this show!" I crooned. Dave blushed. “Don’t tell the guys, ok?”

And then, I got to say the phrase I’d been dying to say for a long time.

Scott likes it!



  • At 11:54 AM, Blogger Trixie said…

    This is all well and good but the question remains...Did you play the song or NOT ?


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