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Monday, August 01, 2005

Alien Dreams

I had this dream last night that was of particular interest to me - because I was stumped... in my dream.

I was in a room with that hazy flourescent green haze - like an old school classroom. I was with a few of my friends (although I can't recall now who was in the room with me.)

Suddenly a good sized group of aliens materialized in the room. They were humanlike in appearance... which likely aleviated some fears we should have been having...

Their spokesperson approached me and asked for two things.... They wanted me to read something to them - they didn't specify - they said it was my choice... and they asked me to feed them.

They posed two interesting questions: What to read to someone with a completely foreign - er, alien - outlook... They had no common point of reference, so I was stumped as to what subject matter they would have a frame of reference to... I walked to a shelf in the room. I picked up a copy of a college-level literature anthology - and started to look for an excerpt from "Conversion of the Jews..." Then I stopped. They would have no concept of religion, Jews, Gentiles, or Hebrew School. I flipped through the rest of the book. The other stories were about war, culture, religion, and a host of other things that I couldn't imagine aliens would have any interest in. In my mind, I settled for the Declaration of Independence.

On to food. I remember panicking. What do aliens eat? I sent a friend out for something... We were suddenly in the hallway of a mall... We pondered cake... I was nervous though - wondering what kinds of tastebuds aliens have...

This sounds so silly - because at this point, I woke up. I think the Declaration of Independence was a good choice - but I'm still wondering if aliens would be interested in cake... Cheescake? Probably.

I have the craziest dreams.


  • At 12:36 PM, Blogger Trixie said…

    I am also a vivid dreamer ! Obviously you are having communication issues with strangers and think that food is the solution to any problem **did I mention how hungry I am ???***

    First congratulations on considering a Jewish text. The Tribe salutes you. A strong first choice in the mostly secular category was the Declaration. I love it. I love the word choice. The imagery. Perfect.

    Food ? God, yes, CHEESECAKE. *argg I am going to cry if the Aliens get cheesecake and I don't**

  • At 9:41 AM, Blogger TxGoodie said…

    Pizza. Any group of aliens that drops in unannounced and uninvited gets pizza. It's a rule. Pizza is the perfect food because not only can you order exactly what you want on it, you can pick stuff off that didn't live up to your expectations. And in comes in boxes!


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