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Friday, July 08, 2005

Ikea Shatters and Smokes

Last night was inconceivable. I own(ed) a coffee caraffe that I purchased from Ikea for under 5 dollars. As I was washing the glass core, I must've tapped it on the sink at just the right place. It not only broke - it shattered. I can't fathom or explain just how small the shards were and how far they flew. Fortunately, I was wearing shoes, or I'd still be standing at my sink for fear of getting a glass foot (I've done this before - I broke a Pyrex dish melting butter on the burner. Don't ask.) I was so shocked by the explosion, I didn't notice my bleeding thumb... It wasn't a large cut, but because my hand was wet, it looked really gross...

So I bandaged my hand, carefully swept the floor, and then got to the painstaking task of removing glass shards from the drain of my sink (how so much glass got down there, I cannot tell you.) My father suggested I vacuum it up. (Yes. I still call my parents in times of crisis, don't you?!!)

When cleanup was acheived, I noticed how hungry I was. I set out to bake some chicken I had thawed earlier. I heated the oven. I spiced the chicken. I grabbed the potholder - (in retrospect, I suppose I should've skipped this step.) I need to note that the potholder was also from Ikea... I dropped it directly on the hot oven coils... It burst into flame. I yanked it out of the oven (wasn't looking forward to polyfil-smoked chicken...) and wondered what I would do with the smoldering potholder. I couldn't douse it in the sink because the drain was drying so I could vacuum shards... I hauled it quickly to the upstairs bathroom and extinguished the sparky, smelly potholder. Then I went to bed.

So, I apologize to Ikea for ruining two of their items yesterday... Again, I'll quote Dave. Some days the best way to end the day is to end it.


  • At 6:42 PM, Blogger kimmmmm said…

    My favorite Ikea memory is this... I was there with my roommate buying an ungodly amount of heavy heavy furniture for our apartment. Although Ikea seems like a fun place, it requires a lot of effort when you are buying bit things. After what seemed like ten years in that godforsaken place, we're waiting in line, trying to figure out how to fit three bookcases into my teeny ass car, and this one woman says to another woman "That's so cute! Is that a rug or blanket?". To which my roommate replies, "Does it matter anymore? It's all crap anyways!".

    The best part about Ikea is the fact that the stuff is so cheap that it doesn't matter if it breaks or catches on fire.

  • At 1:16 PM, Blogger jdain said…

    I'm thinking Ikea owes you some sort of refund. Who knew it was so dangerous?

  • At 9:58 PM, Blogger Audrey said…

    Kell, I've never owned a coffee caraffe but my parents have owned several and they have owned several because they keep breaking. Shattering, I suppose. They are quite delicate. As are coffee pots. I have broken one or two just washing them and tapping them agains the sink. Not good if you're having a caffeine fit, and all shaky. Someone should remedy this with a new product....


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