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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sinn Faint...

I’m going to say something political: I do not believe the Irish Republican Army is actually giving up violence… I mean – how can they? For over 300 years, the IRA worked hard to kill a lot of people… Even now, Gerry Adams says that all that violence was justified.

Political Party? Terrorists? Who’s to say? Here’s straight from the Sinn Fein Website:

"Sinn Féin is the oldest political movement in Ireland. It takes its name from the Irish Gaelic expression for ``We Ourselves''. Since being founded in 1905, Irish Republicans have worked for the right of Irish people as a whole to attain national self-determination."

I’m ok with everything here… Ireland shouldn’t be enslaved to Mother England – any more than the United States should have been – but the IRA simply never managed to seal the deal in any way that didn’t lead to a lot of unnecessary bloodshed… Now, somehow taking a lesson from Dr. King (and Pete Seeger?) they’re allegedly going to give peace a chance.

Sinn Féin seeks the establishment of a new Ireland based on sustainable social and economic development; genuine democracy, participation, equality and justice at all levels of the economy and society; and a lasting and meaningful peace with unity of purpose and action.

Gerry Adams, of Sinn Fein, formally asked all of the paramilitary organizations within the IRA to disarm and chuck their weapons, although he notes that the IRA will not formally disband. (Today’s Washington Post). I question the validity of that... What’s an army without weapons? (answer: Even More Dissatisfied…)

So I’m glad they’ve hiked to Washington to make this announcement – I’m wondering if this will get Gerry his seat in Parliament – and finally, if the cease fire/disarmament will stick.

Whatever it takes. Go in peace, boys – make it work.


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