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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Just Because Someone Asked

I got asked the following questions by a blogger - so here are my answers:

Answers to questions:

1) if you had to lose a limb (arm or leg) which one would it be? why? and how would your life change?

Does an eye count as a limb? If not, I'd choose my right arm

2) you have a chance to meet God and hang out for the day. what do you do and what do you talk about?

Oh, God and I hang out anyway. I find that God never really answers my questions the way I think they should be answered, so I guess I'd leave the scheduling up to God.

3) screw, date, marry. justin timberlake, brad pitt, jake gyllenhaal.

I know this is a cop out - but none of these fine fine gentlemen are my type - so the answer is date, date, and date, followed by "Thank you for a lovely evening." Were you to ask me about Hugh Jackman, Willem Dafoe, and Bruce Cockburn, the answers might be different.

4) if you were to get married (i don't know you so let's assume that you're not for this question), would you:

1)keep your own name
2)take your partner's name
3)hyphenate your name
4)have both of you hyphenate your names

I'm not married - and I'd always assumed I'd change my name unless the guy's last name is "Green," for which I think I'd hyphenate, lest I be known as Kelly Green for the rest of my life... It's not easy being Green!

As to why - Ease, I guess. I feel like it's good to show a united front as a family. I have no real issue with others who change or hyphenate, btw. I leave all such matters to the individual.

5) who is the hottest cartoon character ever?

That would have to be Wolverine, followed by Superman, Mr. Incredible, and of course, Duck Dodgers.


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