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Thursday, September 18, 2008

My VISA Expired

More succinctly, I expired my Visa... You see, someone from a city far away somehow gained access to the number - and has been using it to mainly buy baked goods and pizza on my account... so I was forced to cancel the card... They made me do it... some unfaced stranger made me cancel my Visa - can you imagine?

I know I'm a nice girl, and often pay for lunch - but usually, it's because I KNOW the person. What I want to say is that between my bank, VISA, and me, we took care of the fraudulent charges - and we'll likely see no more faraway activity on my account, but I wanted to give a big virtual hug to VISA, who, immediately upon noticing I'd made a purchase both in PA and out of state, called to verify.

They knew about the card thief before I did - they called me questioning the purchase - and within hours, the card was cancelled, the charges were refunded, and all is well in the world.

And to you - who got free lunch(es) on my dime, shame on you!


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