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Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Time Has Come...

I don't have anything brilliant to say today (if I ever actually DO say brilliant things) - but I had a funny conversation with my old friend, Tom - on Facebook the other day. He wrote something like, "Hey. Remember your friend in High School who gave me that mix tape of Midnight Oil? I need to track her down and thank her. She changed my life..." Tom and I worked at summer camp together - and lived about an hour and a half away from each other. (Chris - you'll think this story is interesting since you know Tom...)

What's funny is - that I no recollection of ever giving Tom a mix tape - but since he said Midnight Oil - it could only have been one friend of mine- Ximena... She got ME turned on to the band - and the wild Gyrating dances of Peter Garrett. I must have played some of it for Tom, and mentioned it to Ximena - and she must have made him a tape. What's crazier is that I found Ximena on Facebook fairly recently - She lives in the next town from me, so we've reconnected after not seeing each other since high school. (I've found a lot of people I know on Facebook. It's a weird thing for a 37-year old)

Anyway - I suggested that Tom look her up on my "Friends" list and send her a message. He told her the story of how he loved the music, went to the concert, bought a shirt, and wore it somewhere one day - when someone walked by him and said "You like the Oils too?"

Today - the Tom works for the guy who saw his t-shirt. They became friends - and now co-workers.

It's funny, isn't it? As an homage, I give you some trivia from Midnight Oil's politically infused past, care of Wikipedia:

"The band again brought the politics of Aboriginal reconciliation to the fore during their performance at the closing ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics. Then Prime Minister John Howard had triggered controversy that year with his refusal to embrace symbolic reconciliation and apologise to Aboriginal Australians and members of the stolen generations. The group performed their reconciliation-themed single "Beds Are Burning" at the ceremony with the word SORRY conspicuously printed on their clothes as a form of apology to the Aboriginal people for their suffering under white settlement, and to highlight the issue to Howard, who was in the audience at the Olympic stadium.


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