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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Laid Back Life Lessons

This week, I was talking to Dave’s brother, Tim… We were discussing some family issues – those issues that both Tim’s wife and I are up-in-arms about, while Dave and Tim are – well, not. “Kelly,” Tim said, “Dave and I both just like to sit back and watch things happen….”

I don’t know if that’s a good way to live life or not, but it was put to the test when yesterday, my co-worker’s wife showed up with a 6 month old Black Lab puppy. She handed me the leash and said, “Kelly, Dave needs to get over his mourning. Now. I have bowling tonight; the owner is at a meeting all night, so you have to take her home.”

Ok. Now. Here’s something I know about Dave. Where he may be laid back most of the time, he hates feeling backed into a corner or forced into a decision (even though at times - it might be good for him!). Despite how much we loved Smokey, we were asked to take her at a party – in front of about ten people… Dave felt he couldn’t say no. Thank goodness he loved Smokey and fell for her immediately - he was fine within minutes of seeing her, and was really torn up when we had to put her down.

So now – that I have this new dog in my office, I called to tell Dave that apparently, I had to bring her home – and he had to hang out with her that evening because I had a commitment...

To be honest, I felt like I loved the hearts of my co-worker and wife – who were offering this lovely puppy free of charge – but I felt kind of put out too. Yes, I had agreed to meet the dog – but I wasn’t really prepared to take her home that night. I would have liked to take Dave to meet the dog, have a discussion about the dog, and then make a measured decision about the dog. But now… In front of my co-workers (and screechy office manager... She kept riling the puppy up with “OH YOU’RE SO CUUUUUTE YESYOUARE YESYOUARE!!! EEEEEEHHHHH!!!!”) I had to do something… I had my co-worker take the above photo of me and the dog (Cel cams just suck, don't they?). I e-mailed it to Dave, and then dialed his office:

D: Hello – this is Dave Speaking…
K: Honey?
D: Hi Baby.
K: Look at your e-mail. I need you to know that this was not my idea, but I apparently have to bring this dog home with me tonight – and you have to watch her.
D: What???!!!! (I’ll leave Dave’s actual comments to your imagination)
K: Is the e-mail open? (pause)
D: Look at how small she is! She looks like Smokey.
K: I’m repeating. This was not my idea. If you don’t like the dog, we’ll take her back tomorrow.
D: (sighing an ear-shattering, heart-wrenching sigh) Ok honey. Does she have a name?

(NOTE: I dislike naming dogs people names. I’d prefer to call them things like “Countess Baronnessa Von Wilson Pickett’s Fence”… or “Seven” or “Mercutio…” Dave has, in the past, suggested dog names like “Missy…” Blah.)

K: No. (Looking at the puppy, and trying to placate Dave – so I suggested names I could live with.) How ‘bout ‘Nina?’
D: I guess. (no enthusiasm whatsoever)
K: She kind of looks like a Sophie....
D: I like that better…

So – Presenting – in honor of Smokey – Ms. Baroness Contessa Sofia Von Wheady! (We really just call her “Soph…”)

EPILOGUE: I’m over the initial shock of another dog in my house. I look at it this way. Madeleine L’ Engle, in her time trilogy, wrote something like “A dog should come to you and choose you… You should never choose the dog…” Well, Soph came to us… So – Dave and I have decided to take her in and watch her happen.


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