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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Second Hand Smoke

Dave and I have made a monumentous decision in our marriage - We've adopted... A DOG!!! Meet Smokey!
It's a bittersweet adoption. Smoke's original owners had to move to Europe. Since Smokey is 14, she'd survive neither the 6 months of mandatory isolation nor the long flight, so it was either find her another home - or euthanize. This is where Dave and I come in. We both hated the idea of anything so unjust happening to a good dog, so we volunteered to keep her. Here she is in her first photo shoot, at human age 94:
Isn't she cute?
Anyway, she spent her first two hours pacing my house and backyard. She met our neighbors, Zig and Peg (the world's best neighbors ever). She met my parents, and she met Paula, my stepdaughter.

I feel terrible for Smokey's mom and dad. It was a tearful goodbye, but hopefully, Second Hand Smoke will like her new home!


  • At 8:01 PM, Blogger Sarabeth said…

    You two are the best!

    Remember Molly, the dog that we thought was older than the hills? She was a wonderful addition to our lives, as I am sure Smoke will be to yours.

    Honestly, you're great, Kell. Tell Dave he is great as well.

  • At 4:19 PM, Blogger Trixie said…

    She's lovely!!! Look at those eyes. I agree with Sarabeth. You 2 are awesome and Smokey will add some real fun to your lives. You won't want to see her go.

  • At 2:17 PM, Blogger Tiecen said…

    It's graeat that you guys were willing to take in a senior dog. My old dog is my best friend ever (see any one of numerous posts on my blog) and I know you'll love her. Maybe you should get her a young companion,like a 1 or 2 year old dog. It will help her live longer...

  • At 11:54 AM, Anonymous austingrillos said…

    Hello. Sorta weird writing a comment to your blog, considering I don't know you but, my mother just sent me your blog.
    My mother is Smokey's previous owner I guess that would make me Smokey's brother(?) Anyway, I wanted to thank you for adopting Smokey. She is the sweetest most loyal dog I have ever known. Though it is with a tearful eye I read through your blog, I can tell by the pictures, your stories, and the comments submitted by your friends that she has gone to a great owner and a wonderful home. You have saved her life...and I am so thankful for your big heart. My wife and I live in Austin, but still make trips back to PA occasionally. Would love to meet you and your husband and give Smoke a quick hug.


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