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Saturday, August 25, 2007

This Is Not a Post About Sex


It's a post about sleeping with my husband. I love it. Sleeping with Dave is so great - not at all because of all the dirty-minded crap you now have in your mind, either. Before you get too excited, know I keep my private life very private, so clean it up, gutter kings! Dig yourself out, ditchy queens - and try to enjoy the rest of my story.

I love sleeping with Dave - especially when he's asleep, yet chatty. Yes. Ocassionally, Dave will answer questions in his sleep. It's really fun, too. Last night? I woke up because Dave was squeezing my hand. "You okay honey?" I asked.

Dave grunted. He wasn't awake - but I wasn't sure yet. "What's wrong?"

I then knew he wasn't awake - because he told me exactly where he was...

"I'm on the Isle of Lost Banjos."

"Lost Banjos?" I asked.

"I'm on the Isle of Lost Banjos," repeated Dave.

Now, I love dreams - I used to - before I got lazy - actually write my dreams down when I awoke from one. I think they're the coolest, most creative things ever. Dave never ever remembers his dreams... That's why it's so cool to get to talk to him about them when he's not awake.

"Did you lose your banjo, honey?"

"Lost.... banjo."

He didn't say anything else... And this afternoon, while I was telling him about it, couldn't add anything outside of "I guess I was on some Island..."

"The Isle of Lost Banjos?"



  • At 1:55 PM, Blogger Sarabeth said…

    Me? Thinking about sex? No. You must have had someone else in mind.

    I was thinking today how much I like it when Phill says my name. I'll have to write about it.

  • At 6:36 AM, Blogger Trixie said…

    I love the Isle of Lost Banjos! Is it near the Island of Lost Toys?

    I use to answer questions in my sleep as well. Now if you even so much as touch me, I wake up. I am no longer a deep sleeper. Very light.

    So light in fact that I get very grumpy if you so much as suggest a midnight romp. I probably even growl. I just don't enough quality sleep anymore and thus do not like interruptions.

    Not exactly the kind of thing a future parent should be admitting to, huh?

  • At 9:56 AM, Blogger Tiecen said…

    I know how you feel. I love sleeping with Gabe too and when he burned his legs we had a long co-sleeping hiatus. He was in the hospital and then when he came home he slept in the easy chair to better keep his knees elevated. I missed him so bad! And he's use to having me there so when he would wake up a little in the night he would call my name. I'd go sprinting to the living room, worried that something was wrong and he would just say, "Where did you go?" Then I couldn't sleep when I went back to bed. I'm so glad he joined me back in our bed last week and when he wakes up and says my name I can just put my hand on his arm and we go back to sleep.


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