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Monday, July 23, 2007

I Blame Technology

If you looked at my calendar, you might notice just a few holes in it - where nothing's written... It's not that I don't have a full dance card - it's just that I got a new PDA (because it's going to make me more organized... tee hee) - and before I realized it won't easily synch up with my Outlook Calendar, I made the mistake of writing appointments into it. Appointments that I never got synched to my Outlook Calendar... Which is why I had to write the following apology after I asked a friend "Did I miss Dinner?" You see, he and his wife wanted to take me and my husband out to celebrate the wedding:

Anyway, the e-mail went like this:

"Jim, I am so sorry - this never got on my calendar... And unfortunately I know why. After our conversation about how much PDA's have helped you, I went out and bought one. I put our dinner date on the PDA - right before I realized it won't synch up to my Outlook, as it promised to...

Anyway, on the date of our dinner, I have to go to Jenny's wedding - so don't be mad - but would you mind if we rescheduled?"

He called, laughed, said the same thing had happened to him (I think he was being nice) - and we will reschedule... But honestly? If I could just get it together, I wouldn't have to take twice the time it took to schedule to un-schedule...

I swear one day I'm going to forget an appointment (Oh, I've done that...) or forget a Birthday (I've always kind of thought the belated birthday cards were funnier than the smug and organized cards.)... But miss free dinner?

sigh. I'm such a dope. And maybe? If technology were more intuitive, it would be a little nicer to me.


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