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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Look, Mom! I'm 20!

I must be 20 years old. Why else would I stay up till 4:30 AM and keep my 7:45 AM haircut, followed by meeting a bride to deliver her wedding album - and oh, by the way - I didn't finish the album...

So, what happened was - I spent the day at the Philadelphia Folk Festival (more on that later, when I'm not so bleary I remember that Tommy Hilfiger spells his last name with only one "L") - and everytime Dave and I got up to leave, someone else entered the campsite. At midnight, Scott came by with his family... Then, all of our Festival buddies showed up - by 3 AM, our campsite was packed full - and the happy inebriates in the back kept yelling, "Kell! Sing us a song!" (flattering, I'll admit - but y*a*w*n!)

Ok. So I got home at 4:30 and looked at the wedding album I had to fill. I did a few pages, then thought, "I'll just get up at 6, finish, get my haircut, and deliver..."

Just FYI, on the ride home from the festival, Dave wondered aloud why I just didn't cancel my appointment (I have this hairdresser I'll blog about someday - but suffice it to say that once you get an appointment, you keep it. Once Kelly Jo is your hairdresser, you may find that - even when you move two hours away, you still drive back for haircuts - and bring your friends)

So I wake up at the same time my cut is supposed to begin. I call Mike, the salon owner (he's straight - isn't that weird?) - Mike - I can reschedule if Kelly Jo is jammed, or come now."

"Come with a wet head," suggested Mike.

This leaves the issue of the empty album. I did the following. I'm not proud, and I will note this disclaimer: Do NOT attempt this yourself. Don't do it. It's really really stupid...

I put the book together en route to the salon - on highways, on side streets... I stuffed an entire album while driving - and as fate would have it - I am alive to tell the tale. Don't do it. Really. It's dumb.

But the book is delivered. I'm seriously going to bed now.

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  • At 9:50 AM, Anonymous DF said…

    Speaking as a guy who unwittingly scheduled his latest haircut for the First Day of School, and who would never dream of changing the appointment...

    A good haircutter is not gold but platinum.


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