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Monday, February 06, 2006

Code in my Dose

Everyone at the office today has told me today that I either LOOK sick, sound horrible, or has offered a heart-felt "poor Kell..." No one has suggested I go home. No one suggested I get some sleep, although my boss bought me sushi for lunch - because wasabi clears the nasal passages like nothing else.

It's interesting what this amazing steamroller of a cold has done to me. I could taste the hot - and for awhile, it helped. I could NOT taste coffee. I could taste salt. Couldn't taste tea, although the hot helps.

All day I've been working on a project with the tightest deadline imaginable. (which is why no one has sent me home) - It looks good - and I am grateful (eternally grateful, really) I just need a vat of Vicks Vapor Rub. And a massage... And some juice... And a pillow.

Ok. I promise no more whining. I want to say that I heartily endorse the following Superbowl Ads: The Budweiser Streaking Sheep, The Fed Ex Caveman, and the Aleve Spot with Leonard Nimoy. Very clever, ad execs. Very Clever.

I'm panning the Pizza Hut/Jessica Simpson Ad - and even though the "Code Black" promos made me watch Grey's Anatomy, I feel I've seen the same basic plot on ER. That's it. The Cold Report, and my Superbowl Critique - all in one neat, easy-to-read blog.



  • At 12:06 PM, Blogger Trixie said…

    Loved the caveman!
    Loved the Lost ad with Palmer and the girls singing "I am addicted to Lost."

    The Brown and Bubbly Pepsi commerical sucked but the Jackie Chan one was awesome at the end when the Pepsi stunt double was substituted (a Diet Coke can)! To funny.

    GO HOME and then blog about your armadillo gift!


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