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Friday, October 28, 2005

Humiliation, Part Deux

Tonight, I went to see my neice play in her high school marching band. The game was about an hour away from my office. Her band was playing the pre-game show, so I rush out of my office at quarter after five, trying to make it to a 6:30 show.

About halfway to the Poconos, I realize I've left my wallet and purse (and therefore all my money) in my office. It's way too late to turn around. I'd never have been able to get back to the office and back to the stadium.

I wondered how I was going to get into this football game...

I started digging for change in the compartment between the front seats of my car. I found $2.25 and some pennies. I figured I honesty would be the best policy, so with my handful of change, I walked up to the ticket counter.

Ticket prices - for high school football - were a whopping four bucks.

I smiled my best pathetic smile and said, "Hi, I just drove an hour to see my neice play in the band. I left my purse in my office... Um. I dug around in my car and found $2.25. Will you let me in for that?" (smile)

Just then, I realized that people are sometimes pretty darn nice. No less then three football fans tried to hand me money. The ticket lady said she'd sell me a student ticket for $1.50. I could certainly afford that, but the other fans were insistent. One in particular slapped two bucks on the counter and walked away. I thanked him, absolutely humbled and humiliated...

Then something even more strange happened. The ticket lady gave me change. She actually tried to hand me fifty cents. I refused, thanked her, and left.

I'm such an incredible dork.



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