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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Dirty Ooh-Foo

Names are everything, right? I’m in a band – I should know. When I joined my band, I became a “Son of the Perkiomen.” Which was fine with me. Being a Son of the Perkiomen was better than being a “son” of any number of things. However, whenever we played a gig, we were consistently hounded by our adoring – and gender specific – fans: “Shouldn’t you call yourselves the Sons-and-daughter Of the Perkiomen?” “Hey! It’s Kelly! The illegitimate Son of the Perkiomen!” “You guys ought to be the
S-U-N-S of the Perkiomen!”

Everyone thinks they’re so freakin’ clever.

We got tired of laughing politely at their fantastically helpful observations, so we changed the band name.

As a band, we're fine with our name. However, one of the things we talk about constantly – especially when someone utters a clever or amusing phrase – is changing to a new name - or taking on a new band identity.... because maybe there's a better, more appropriate name out there... Of course, we can’t do that – because now, people who are looking for KATP's arent' likely to come and see us if we're named the Sump Pumps, Back Woods, or Coin Operated... But it’s been an entertaining exercise. To date (at least until last night), our favorite band alter egos have been Blind Kelly and the Electric Shit Band, Green Sternum, and Uncle Burnout. We think each moniker has a nice ring – especially the Electric Shit Band. However, when we told the owner of one of our gig’s venues about it, he said “I’m not putting that on the sign!!!”

Last night at practice, we came up with another name – a testament to a singer we all admire named Aoife O’Donovan. She sings with a band called Crooked Still – whom we all love. The only problem is her name… Dave and Fran had no idea how to say it. It’s Gaelic, and pronounced EEEE-fah. They, however, prefer to call her Ooh-foo.

Because of her name – and her lovely voice- she’s kind of become a cult figure in our band. I also secretly suspected Frannie might have a little crush on her.

Aoife recently cut a new album (not with Crooked Still, but with two of her other friends). On it is a song that is fairly surprising for an alt-bluegrass musician. In fact, Fran reports that the song was so dirty, that upon first listen, he nearly drove off the road.

And it's now confirmed. Frannie is deeply, madly, and passionately in love with Ooh-foo.

Last night at practice, Fran told us allllll about it – sparing very little detail. “Ooh-Foo’s getting dirty!” Scott looked up – “Hey! That’s a great band name! Dirty Ooh-Foo!”

NOTE: I’m not sure if this is one of those stories I’m going to regret telling. It’s very possible that I’m just embarrassing myself – and this whole Ooh-foo matter isn’t at all funny – and has become a really stupid inside joke – that is only funny to the four of us in the band, who are former members of Blind Kelly and the Electric Shit Band….


  • At 5:15 PM, Blogger Trixie said…

    Love the Electric Shit Band.

    Why ?

    Because we have all kind of had those days where the shit was pretty electric...dig it ?

    Not just ordinary, run-of-the-mill shit but blinding, electric probably Neon shit !

    (psst...not to worry...I liked the post)


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