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Thursday, March 31, 2005

What's the Magic Word?

Sorry for not posting in so long - life has been busy. I'm trying to get my life in order so I can go on vacation with Jason, the world's cutest 5-year old. This means, of course, every client needs something immediately, new clients are popping up, and the perfect location for my next photo shoot has to change eleven-teen million times... In short, I'm pretty sleepy.

Despite this, I went to my sister's house to deliver birthday presents to my three nephews. Jason got a DVD, TJ got a magic kit, and Ian got some cool Harry Potter artwork for his wall. (am I not the coolest aunt you can think of?) Anyway. TJ flipped over the magic kit. He tore it open, and within seconds, he was discovering the false bottom on his new magic hat, and wondering what the pom-poms and various bits of colored string would be used for.

Instead of reading the instructions - or even watching the enclosed video tape, however, he tried to create magic out of sheer will.

I went into the kitchen to watch the imagined fireworks as he pointed the wand at the floor and yelled, "Alakazaam!" "Abracadabra!"

My sister and I started singing a song from an old Bugs Bunny Halloween cartoon, "La dee, dee, dah, dah dah....Abraca-Pocus! La la la la dee dee dee dah... Pocus-Cadabra!" TJ continued, faith upheld, that something - ANYTHING might happen when he yelled "Hocus Pocus!"

I looked at Jason. "Do you know any magic words?" He immediately said, "Pleeeeeeease?" Aw. How cute.

The funny thing is - he then looked at my sister and asked, "Mom, what does Please mean?"

Funny. I'd never heard anyone ask that before... But it was a good question.


  • At 8:09 AM, Blogger Trixie said…

    Wow that is the best question I have heard in a long time...I looked it up. The definition was lenthy but essentially vague. Maybe it is a mystery to even the likes of Webster ?

    I am now inspired to have an "armadillo of the week" post !


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