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Friday, February 13, 2009


I've had the WORST sore throat over the past couple of days. I finally called my doc's office yesterday. Now, when I call the doctor's office, I have to talk to a nurse practitioner first. We talk about the symptoms, and the nurse then tells me whether to come in or now.

It used to make me angry when the nurse suggested I had a virus, and there was probably nothing she could do - so I should wait a few days. I mean... Seriously... How dare a non-doctor suggest that 1) she knows how I feel and 2) she knows what I have... On one occasion, when I was at my snottiest - both literally and figuratively, the nurse said it sounded viral... and there wouldn't be any point in coming in. I suggested that only a doctor and a sick person should make that call and I would appreciate it if she stopped playing doctor and made the appointment. As it turned out, I had a virus. There was nothing that could be done, and as a result of my arrogance, I wasted my time, my doc's time - and had to pay an unnecessary co-pay.

If I could go back and talk to that poor nurse, I'd apologize profusely.

Fast forward to yesterday - where you'll see, I treat the nurses more respectfully.

NURSE: Hello, Kelly. This is Joel. What's going on?
KELLY: I just want to know if I should come in or not - I have a sore throat - and was wondering what you've noticed floating around... and if it's just a virus - or something I need to be seen for.
NURSE: Kelly, there's a million things floating around. We shouldn't take any chances. It sounds like you might have strep... so when can you come in?

So I go in, thinking the worse - that I might have a virus that no one can do anything about... but lo and behold - I have pharyngitis... and have never felt more excited to be given antibiotics... (I have a gig tonight - and if I can possibly sing, I need to - it's a new place... The pay doesn't suck... blahblahblah). I told the doc that I was never so happy to have an infection in my life, and asked if he'd prescribe a Z-pack (a 5-dose antibiotic). He readily agreed, and I was in-and-out within about 15 minutes.

I left the doctor's office in such a good mood... Just with the anticipation of feeling better. (not to mention that I didn't embarrass myself by being rude to the nurse...) So Here's to a good gig tonight.


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