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Friday, September 15, 2006

How I Spent The Rest of My Vacation

I came back from vacation a day early. The moment Dave stepped into the *free* beach house, he got a raging cold. Now, before you think Dave is some pansy with the sniffles, I have to defend him - It was a chest-clinching-coughing-head-so-stuffy-his-eyes-were-bulging-from-his-poor-sad-why-does-this-always-happen-when-I-could-otherwise-be-having-a-satisfying-sick-day kind of cold. Poor guy.

I mention the *free* beach house - because I want you to know how important it is - that when you're sick as a dog, at least you're not shelling out money to sleep someplace...

I mention Dave's cold, because people will wonder why we're home early... Poor Dave. He was a trooper. Once per day he ventured out of the house to either attempt to enjoy a restaurant, or look at the ocean. "Let's go up to the boardwalk, Kell..." he said on Tuesday. We walked about 20 blocks or so before Dave got this "I'm going to die" look on his poor stuffy face and I took him back to the house. He slept, I drove to Asscheek Island (see post below) - to visit those with clear sinuses.

Outside of the obvious disappointment at not being able to do all the cool things we'd planned to do (like rent those silly chariot things on the boardwalk, play music, go to the gem and jewelry show (ok, that's my idea of fun, not Dave's - but he was willing to go!), walk on the beach, ride bikes, drink fruity things with umbrellas in them, watch the Harley's go by (it was "Bike Week" in Ocean City), go see "Little Miss Sunshine (which would've been cool because it's one of the few movies that both Dave and I want to see), and eat fabulous seafood)... But for a bad situation, I have to say, having a quiet week (for me - not poor Dave) wasn't too bad.

Even though I did most of my vacation things alone, I got to hang out on the beach, just get the tiniest sunburn - the kind that doesn't hurt and doesn't peel too badly - see the ponies of Asscheek, buy jewelry from a local store, and even cook a little bit (ok. I realize driving to a restaurant to get takeout one night and reheating a rotisserie chicken doesn't necessarily constitue cooking, per se, but I liked it all right!

So I'm home - a little early. Dave's kind of bummed (but I made him go to the doctor's - and he's now probably sleeping under the influence of whatever prescription he got...) - but I promised we'd find some cool day trips to do this fall...



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