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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fall Festival

We gigged today at a township historical society fall festival. We love this place. It's so full of people who like the kinds of music we play!!!

It's also kind of fun to play at a place where we have scheduled breaks - that are also scheduled activites... Like Watermelon Eating contests.

It was also kind of fun playing at a farm. Here's some of the local wildlife. note the foal pony and the wild tiger!

After seeing the baby, we moved to the next stall where Sadie lived. She is an 11-month old donkey - who was if not adorable and a little bit hungry.

We also saw the largest goat I've ever come across - His name was Carlos - and he was giving people rides during the day's festivities. When I walked over to take the picture, I said to the man at the right, "I'd like to photograph this goat!."

He replied, "That's no way to talk about this woman..." sigh. Everyone's a comedian. Carlos and I weren't amused.

On a more serious note, the festival also had this 1915 hearse on display. I guess there is something to be said for traveling in style. Here's Dave and the buggy.

My only regret was not having enough time to purchase many of the lovingly fashioned handicrafts at the festival - Maybe next year - or better yet, Maybe I can make my own!

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