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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hide The Stache

Please tell me that moustaches won't be in style for long... sigh.

Summer of stache
There's a fine line between the boy and the man. In some cases, that line is lopsided and hairy.
By Monica Corcoran, - Thurs., Jul. 13, 2006
There's a fine line between the boy and the man. In some cases, that line is lopsided and hairy.
"Every guy wishes he could grow a mustache," says Jay Della Valle, 26, an actor and filmmaker who devoted a documentary, "The Glorius (sic) Mustache Challenge," to spawning a furry revival in the under-30 generation. "I plan to bring the stache back. It's a revolution."

Not exactly. But clearly, there is a movement afoot--or aface. Jack Black's bold inky mustache nearly stole "Nacho Libre" and Adam Brody has recently been spotted with a fuzzy upper lip. In the new French film, "La Moustache," a Parisian architect shaves off his trademark mustache to cause a stir, but no one -- including his wife -- takes any notice.

People are duly noting Colin Farrell's Fu Manchu on billboards for "Miami Vice," though. It's the type of droopy, lascivious mustache that likes to peel out of parking lots and lurk near high schools.

"Personally, I don't want to see a movie star covered up with facial hair unless it's for a Western or a period piece," says one studio exec. "And I don't like the stache."

Neither does Jim Wiatt, apparently. He disdains facial hair so much that he once sent a WMA employee home to shave. ICM, too, has an unspoken rule against hirsute agents.

Surely, CAA partner Rick Nicita must be more sympathetic to the cause; he sported a Barney Miller-like stache for almost a decade.

The agency declined comment.

If you're aspiring to grow your own hood ornament this summer, start small. "Keep it trim and close, so you won't look like one of the Village People or a porn star," says stylist Martin Samuels, who has groomed Johnny Depp for recent photo shoots.

Depp could become the next Charles Bronson, who once deemed his mustache his "meal ticket." Richard Donner has admitted tricking Gene Hackman to get him to shave off his mustache to play Lex Luthor in "Superman."

"For me, the stache is like my business card," says Della Valle. "When I was with ICM, my agent wanted me to shave it off, but I refused."



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