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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Another Duh

Last night my sister, Jill and nephew, TJ came to hear the tail end of my gig. I haven't seen TJ in awhile, but for his birthday, I sent him this cool clock I found at the Discovery Channel Store. Instead of batteries, it's powered by two liquids - water, and any other beverage or gooky solid of your choice. He's been particularly thrilled with this gift - which makes me extremely happy.

The other day, he decided he needed to show it to my sister's chemistry professor. The professor was so thrilled, he asked where he could get one. "I could have used this in class the other day. This is perfect..."

I asked TJ if he knew what to tell the professor. Yeah, I know where you got it," he gloated...

And without missing a beat, he said, "China..."


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