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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Rough Notes from a Busy Woman

1) Trix, I will certainly photograph the purple couch (which I adore) (which has already been quality control-tested by Nigel, the white Chihuahua)

2) I will post the new spectragoggles – Despite the eye doc’s claims that I am far sighted – I have discovered that my new glasses make me see distances much more clearly… and probably do more for my distance seeing than for their intended reading purposes. Must ask opthomologist about that.

3) Funny story… The other day a client came to my office for a meeting. He asked to use my computer. I am left-handed, so my mouse is on the left. My cell phone happened to be on the right side. I walked in – just in time to see him mousing around with my cell phone. “Kelly, is this a wireless mouse? It doesn’t seem to be working.” I wish it had rung in the middle of that discussion and the explanation that followed… ha ha

4) Also for Trixie - who asked for a band photo - I'll get to it - I've just been crazy busy, running around with head cut off and wondering when I'm going to have time to do laundry.

5) For David - Ay, Que Dia! We should quit drinking!!!

6) Here's a random item: A client today, in addition to bringing me lunch (sushi), brought me a pair of gloves that electricians wear in the winter. "I knew you were dying for a pair of these!" It was quite touching (no pun intended...) - I never really get why people bring me the things they bring me (except for David, who buys me lovely gifts at all times) - but I'm glad they bring me stuff.



  • At 4:46 PM, Blogger Trixie said…

    I totally want a client to bring me a good lunch and a gift. They only hand me shit of the nightmare paperwork and teleconference kind.

    Yes ! Whoopee ! We get pictures of THREE THINGS: mighty purple couch, cool new specs, and the never thin band (except Fran).


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