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Monday, September 12, 2005

I Play In a Promising Local Band

The band had a whirlwind tour this weekend - meaning we played one gig on Saturday and one on Sunday. Saturday's gig was a sporting event - where we sang as people entered the arena - and sang as they left. We are the venue's favorite band. When we finished, the director told us that next season, we'd be the only band allowed to play at more than one event. It was a lovely compliment.

On Sunday, we played at an Historical Society's annual fundraiser. I played all afternoon in the sun - and I am sporting a very creative sunburn to prove it. It was a fun gig - our stage was a wagon bed, and the people seemed to dig us.

The two events sparked the following Top Ten List:

The Top Ten ways Kell knows she's not going to make an MTV video any time soon:

1)During the latest gig, a Menonite woman kept walking a pony back and forth through the audience.
2)Sunday’s gig was full of Pennsylvania Dutch men and women who “Really lahked that ban-cho, donCHA know?”
3)An elderly woman approached us and asked, “Now why haven’t I heard of you before?”
4)You get handed the check for the gig while the whole band is standing on stage – in the middle of a set
5)Yes, we will play private parties in barns and living rooms.
6)We cringe each and every time we ask for a rate raise.
7)We feel we need to lose 30 lbs (each, except for Fran) before we can have any more publicity shots taken
8)At next month's gig - October’s Fall Festival, we were told we need to take a break during Bobbing for Apples and the Eating Contests.
9)We got accused of singing a Bruce Cockburn song at a gig – when we actually sang a Bruce Springsteen song.
10)We’re better than Britney – but not nearly as cute.


  • At 8:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Up with Local Bands!

  • At 10:50 AM, Blogger Trixie said…

    I loved it. Your Top Ten list really helped me to imagine your band and the type of venues where you perform. I am a little concerned you need to loose 30 lbs each (except Fran) before we get a photo of you. Plze. It is just "us" ...oh and Alex Ludd (but he's hot) show us some skin chickee !


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