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Friday, August 19, 2005

Love After Eighty

According to Dave’s father, just because you’re old, doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. I’m actually quite impressed at how active this octogenarian is. His brain is sharp – he is constantly explaining the strategy behind baseball to me (he is tireless in his persuit of my baseball knowledge.... even though he knows I'm not a fan). Lately, however, we've been chatting about his love life. Right now, he's got a brand new girlfriend, whom he met at a senior citizen’s dance.

Yes, that’s right. Dave’s dad attends dances twice a week – on Tuesday afternoons and on one other evening. I asked him if there’s a band or a DJ – “Oh, we usually have live bands.” “What kind of dancing?” “Nothing too strenuous. They’d have to call in the paramedics if they had us jumping around too much… We Fox Trot a little. In fact,” he continued, “I’m very popular at the dances. Know why?” I shook my head. “Cause I’m alive!” When women tell Dave's father that her husband died and left her, Dave asked, "Would you rather be him?"

The dances reportedly are made up mostly of women – because women tend to live longer… Dave tells me his father is in great demand. At one gathering, the demand was so great, Dave was asked to fill in. Despite promising one woman he wasn’t much of a dancer, he soon found himself ushered onto the floor, spinning and twirling with the rest of the crowd. The woman asked, “Does your father ever talk about me?” I’m not sure what Dave said, but perhaps his response precipitated her next comment, “You’re right. You’re NOT much of a dancer.”

Senior citizen dances are reportedly just like high school dances. The chickiebooms gather in their little flocks. They avoid women they hate. They watch the men prowl around, group to group, and hope for an invitation to dance. Dave's father grants women dances. He couldn't wait to recover from knee surgery - just to get back out on the floor.

A few weeks ago, Dave’s dad told me about the new woman in his life. His ex-girlfriend recently left him for a man who lives in her building. I think the breakup was hard for Dave’s dad, but he seems to be managing the split. He’s currently seeing another woman, and it’s kind of cute when he talks about her. “I picked one that wasn’t so pretty this time,” he said. “I think she’ll stay with me.”

Today, Dave called to report that things aren’t progressing as quickly as his father would like. “Dave, I can’t get her to kiss me. I whisper sweet nothings in her ear, but she can’t hear that well, so it’s probably no good…”

I believe any octogenarian should know that love takes time. Dave’s dad will simply have to wait. I have no doubt he'll have to approach this with the same patience it takes to explain baseball to me. Besides - he’s still alive, right? And if his calculations are correct, a not-quite-so-pretty old woman isn’t going anywhere.


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