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Friday, December 24, 2004

Viva La Fifty Feet

Today is December 24 - Christmas Eve Day. I'm at my office... Which has been very quiet. Not much going on, to be honest. Everyone is at home. I took two phone calls -and read a few chapters of Terry Gross' new book, "All I Did Was Ask."

I needed a couple of last minute items, so I decided to run to the mall... I thought it'd only take a minute. I only needed two things. I wanted to get Dave's dad a copy of "Delovely" - as he is a Cole Porter fan...(The movie was released to DVD earlier this week... Tried to pick it up at Blockbuster, but they didn't have it for purchase...)

I also realized I was going to Dave's brother's house tonight, and didn't have a THING to add to the party. Dave said I don't need to bring anything, but I'm pretty sure they'll like me better if I bring wine. So off to the mall I went...

Ok. I'm spoiled. I live two miles from my office, and minutes from the mall. Normally, this trip is not a pilgrimage...

I forgot about crazy procrastinators... It took a long time to get there - about fifteen minutes longer than the normal five minute drive.... Second, the mall was buzzing with people... Swarms of them. I parked in section "L," a decent distance from the Macy's entrance... A car pulled in close to mine. We get out of our cars together. Me, and the five people who got out of the other car... We walk fifty feet. A car closer to the mall pulls out of the lot. Four people walking beside me jumped into the spot, and began yelling for the fifth to go get the car - and park in the closer spot...

That was crazy. (but if a slightly better parking spot makes the holidays a little brighter, than Viva La Fifty Feet...)


  • At 4:33 PM, Blogger Audrey said…

    The other day my Dad and I drove Chris to the Philly airport, and Chris and I got out while Dad parked the car. Fifteen minutes later my Dad shows up. I didn't say anything, but how long does it take to park a car? When we left the airport and were walking out to the parking lot, he told me he re-parked the car 3 TIMES because he kept walking by people pulling out of their spots closer to the door. Some people have nothing better to do, or really hate walking, or like to feel efficient, who knows.


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