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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

That's Not Cooking

Dave and I got into the following, erm.... discussion the other day... I think it has been thematic of the kinds of relationship issues I've been dealing with - not only my own, but other people's as well...

Dave and I had plans to go to the movies the other night. I called him around noon:

K: Hi, honey! How are you?
D: I'm a little tired...
K: Oh. It's okay if you wanna skip the movie tonight
D: Really? Ok.
K: Yeah. I'll come over and you can help me make chocolate covered pretzels...
D: Well, um, I really don't like cooking....

What followed was a conversation about what cooking is... "No, This isn't cooking," I explained. "It's dipping pretzels into melted chocolate and putting them on a pan." Dave further went into detail about how much he HATES cooking... "But, it's not cooking. It's dipping a pretzel into melted chocolate and putting in on a pan..." Dave asked, "I mean, I'll do it if that's what you want me to do, but Kelly, if I hate cooking, I'm going to have to tell you... I mean it's better than lying about it and doing it, and hating it..." I queried, "So, if I'm making you dinner, and you come over early, and I'm behind, and ask you to cut up carrots, is that bad?" "No," he answered... "I'm pretty good with knives... And I don't mind cleaning up. That's what I like to do..." "Fair enough, but can you dip pretzels into melted chocolate for me?" "I mean, I guess I can, but I really hate cooking..."

BUT IT'S NOT COOKING! "Dave. It's dipping pretzels into melted chocolate and putting them on three pans."

Dave asked, "Three? I thought it'd be twenty."

"No. It's three. I only have three..."

"Can I at least eat the chocolate?"

"Forget it, Dave. I'll make them some other time...."

And so, friends, we went to the movie... Which contained no cooking.


  • At 6:47 PM, Blogger cferguson said…

    For reasons unexplained to me, I'd say I agree with Dave on this one: it's cooking. Or baking. Either way, I can see Dave's point. If a food item requires some sort of warming process (microwave, stove, bunsen burner), it's "cooking." There's different levels of "cooking" involving hassle-- you view dipping pretzels in chocolate as No Hassle. For Dave, that's far too complicated a process involving Much Hassle. There's also the Urgency Factor-- how quickly do you need to eat? My husband is immune to hunger and often makes Great Complicated Meals (a roux, for instance, in shrimp gumbo) after church, when the kids and I are exceptionally hungry. Anyway, I'll keep offering to do something simple and quick (mac & cheese--that's cooking!! or PB & J, no cook), and he'll repeat the Cook's Mantra: "It's no trouble!" So Dave, glory in any food she'll make. And Kelly, gently break him in with carrots. :-)


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