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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Everyone Needs an Ode

It's the day after Valentine's - and mine was nice. Dave and I decided - oh, ok - I decided to make it a "card holiday" and forego gifts. Dave HATES cards - because they're someone else's words. I kind of coerced him into getting me one anyway. I argued that it was cheaper than buying me an amp (which, Dave, if you're reading this, I still don't want an amp, although I will accept a small pony!)

I loved my card - even though it was my idea!

So I've received another 'day after valentines' gift' from my friend Lou. He told Audrey and I we needed to send him "Post-Valentine's Day thoughts" so we wrote silly poems. Here's the one I got in return. (so you can catch the references, Lou is an artist) All I can say is, everyone needs an "Ode."

Cause Ms (kelly) is dear and sweet
And an acknowledged treat
Who came to me with revelry and
Caused fun and joy in the environrey
Helped to ease my furrowed brow
When Miss Audreys' flying South
Threatened to stop the flow of prints
So instead,... of one true friend
I now have two for which I send
Undying love and gratitude, a sense
Of what it is to show how fine a friend
One needs to be and write some lines
To Kelly Bee ever so quick and happily



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