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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Harmless Crushes

When it became clear that Dave and I were feeling serious about each other, I remember giving him this piece of advice - as it was true. "Honey, if Willem Dafoe knocks on the door, and asks if I'll run off with him, I hate to tell you this - but I'm going to go. I've known him longer, and it's only fair."

Dave nodded solemnly in agreement.

I asked, "Do you have any crushes I should know about?"

Dave admitted he had a thing for Natalie Wood and the Lovely Jean Simmons - but due to their deaths, he felt I had nothing to worry about.

So - our relationship continued, and we got married. Today, if Willem would happen to show up (I know - most of you probably think I'm nutty for crushing on Willem Dafoe, and all I can say is - he's amazing. He's one of the coolest character actors EVER, he's amazing on stage, and ever since I realized I was standing next to Willem at a John Cale concert in NYC, I've had a big crush.) Anyway, if WD showed up at the door today, I'd tell him he didn't ask soon enough - and even though I'd have to turn him down, I'd assure him that we'd always have John Cale.

Dave, in the meantime, remains without a living crush (unless I count as one.)

So. Dave and I moved to our new house, right? Well, in our little town, most of the drinking establishments are private, members only clubs. They have saucy little names like "Club 413," and "Elks," and "The Firehouse." I'm told one can't get in without a reference, so if we want a gin and tonic, and are out of tonic at home, we have limited choices of establishment to patronize. There's a pizza place across the way - but it's always mad-packed with The Twenties... There's another restaurant - on the upscale side - that has a bar, so one night - we went there. We walked in and sat at the bar. Immediately, the most adorably-yet-ruggedly-handsome-cuter-than-the-cutest-cutie-of-a-bartender asked us what we wanted to drink. We ordered. He went away to concoct. I looked around. The bar - just as I suspected - was full of women.

"Dave," I said. "Do you know why these women are here?"

"Thirsty?" he asked

"Nope. It's because of HIM." I motioned toward the bartender.

"Why? Is he good looking?"

"Oh, dear, yes!" I answered truthfully.

"Do you have a crush?" he asked

"Yes, but I don't want any information. I don't even want to know his name. I don't want to know if he's NICE... and I'm still going home with you, no matter what." I informed my husband.

Well, now I've got two harmless crushes to Dave's NONE... so I guess I'm going to either have to start going to the crowded pizza place full of kids, or get Dave a harmless crush... It might not be easy. I'm awfully cute.

Do any of you have harmless crushes? I need to hear about them!


  • At 7:31 PM, Blogger Sarabeth said…

    Do I have to choose just one? Because that would be hard.

    Sting, Mikhail Baryshinivkov, and this guy in the gym who looks like the boy I dated in high school. Well, the last guy doesn't count because he has the most adorable wife that exercises with him. I think I have a crush on the two of them as a couple because they remind me so much of Phill and I when we first met.

    Phill has some, too, but it is more of a discussion starter than real crushes. So are mine.

    Oh, wait. I would probably melt in my shoes if I ran into . . .

    Donny Osmond.

  • At 5:20 AM, Blogger Kell said…

    Donny Osmond actually did an album signing at a local wal-mart or target store a year or so ago... And even though I never went, Donny remains .... a little bit rock n roll.

  • At 11:37 AM, Blogger Trixie said…

    You two are so cute!

    No crushes right now. In the past. Not at this very moment.

    Although I am finding fatherhood to be real men in my own age range!

    Rick Springfield?
    The team leader from Without a Trace (Anthony P.)?


    I will have to ask WaWa about his crushes.

  • At 10:04 AM, Blogger Tiecen said…

    Im in love with Jeff Corwin. He does a nature show on Animal Planet. He's cute, a little geeky, stacked, has a neat tatoo, loves animals and loves to camp. I think he's my soul mate. He makes my husband so jealous. I always say if I could marry a famous person it would be him.


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